Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craig Judelman, Blind Boy Paxton AND Peter De Giglio!

Here are two videos..comedy and music..One is really dark footage at Banjo Jim's and my camera is all shaky cause there were like 150 people a tiny space..but you can hear Craig Judelman, Blind Boy Paxton doing the end of Honeysuckle Rose, I Ain't Got Nobody, and then Feral Foster joining in with great vocals on After You've Gone..They sounded awesome..I guess because they ARE awesome!

Then we have Peter De Giglio at Penny's Open Mic doing bringing you the Skinny which covers topical subjects and is hilarious..and a tiny part of his funny Facebook Round-Up which updates what people at Penny's write on their pages..Unfortunately, he ran out of time..He's there every tuesday though! So come out! Theater Under St. Marks..

1 comment:

  1. I play "Honeysuckle Rose"! Of course, not that fast, and with vocals. I also do "After You've Gone." ...I always like Blind Boy's piano playing, it's solid, and it swings! ....De Giglio should probably be a bit careful with the Paladino stuff; he's not worried about wearing a cement kimono on a leisurely swim in the East River?