Saturday, October 30, 2010

Csquat Show and Party Halloween Madness!

Wow! What a fun night at Csquat yesterday..Bands played, everyone wore party til after 4am..I somehow ended up dressed as Death from the Sandman Comics..But there were a lot of creative get ups there I was glad to see..Nary a Ricky's lame-o costume in sight! Here are a messload of pics from the party..FUN TIMES! My old pals Stacy and Toby were in town so it was extra special..

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  1. I Like the Piks®™!!! There's some sort of "Bindelstiffie" "Family" "Cirkusie" "thingy" "going on" about them...The main gathering hall at CSquat Manor makes for a lovely backdrop...Happy Halloween!!!