Friday, October 22, 2010

John Murdoch-Balloon Man's Show at Marfa

Here are some ballon pics from John Murdoch's balloon show at Marfa..He has been blowing up penis balloons and other stuff at Lucky Cheng's for years..and is quite good at it..Here are some pics from a show he had last week..Included are a duct taped balloon, 9/11 penis balloons, Dick Cheney's REAL Facebook Page! And Cheney shooting friends by accident and on purpose(R rated!), an octopus balloon and an Obama Tea Party themed one..It was a fun show with bands playing all night..I got there a bit late and meant to take video too..
Ah well..Been fairly busy lately with a big show coming up next week..Also Sophie Crumb will be having a gallery opening first week of November which I will write about shortly..


  1. I was genuinely scared when I saw some of these photos; but, then, I calmed myself by remembering that they are NOT of the real Dick Cheney, after all, only balloons! Whew!

    ...Looking forward to hearing about Ms. Crumb's gallery opening; I presume there will be photos of reception shenanigans and, of course, some of the exhibits...

  2. snuggies are sorta toxic down here cos you gotta run the air get it cool enough
    you could be poster child for the
    russian baths.. i expect you'd have to choose for which week, boris or david's..
    maybe not anymore..
    i took boo boo to that dungeon
    themed place you got to through the lucky cheng basement once but it wasn't really that good.. group sing in the russian baths and the guys whipping girls with oak branches and the evil empire girls with their orthodox dates.. that was pretty fun..
    or maybe felafel!?!
    think about being poster
    child for some kinda of falafel
    product cos a fast food nation
    might get righteous but it still has
    to fucking eat.. the tysons'd give up on
    chickens in a shot..
    they only care about moving the trucks
    me i'd like em to be filled with fda weed
    or chick peas or porn
    people gotta fuck and eat