Friday, October 29, 2010

Open Mic madness! Three videos for your enjoyment.

Well, been busy lately and perhaps been having a little too much fun... but have hit some open mics..Here are three videos from three different performers..Especially MANGINA! We have Patrick "Mangina" with his awesome stump at Bowery..The talented Peter De Giglio doing "The Skinny" at Penny's Open Mic..and a funny and so wonderfully politically incorrect lesbian comic at penny's..Enjoy pals and gals..! I will have some good blogs coming up this week...My pal Sophie Crumb has an awesome new book out."The Evolution of a Crazy Artist." She'll be in NYC with her pops this coming week promoting it..Plus, I have a super big show ay Jalopy Theater coming up...lotsa pics and videos to follow of it all soon!

If you want to book Peter De Giglio contact him at

Some exciting things in the works lately...I've been celebrating life with a lot of wine lately..Well, it's better than crack!


  1. I hate Chinese people, hate 'em with a passion; Chinese people killed my...----wait---I'm sorry, I misspoke ("miss" "poke"...that was kinda funny; it's got a double-entendre---even triple, really---quality at least). Anyway, I actually love Chinese people...well, love their food. That's sort of true, actually; I used to love Chinese food. Now I love Thai food much better and tired of Chinese food years ago...just wanted to say hi and promote Thai food...that's all

  2. I dated a Chinese woman for a while last year but I broke up with her. The sex was great and everything, but it really wasn't satisfying for long. I mean we'd have sex and I'd feel great, but then I'd feel as if I hadn't had sex at all about an hour later and would want sex again! And she wasn't very original in bed; she'd just imitate what she thought American women would do. When we went out it was less expensive than with an American woman, but I decided that saving money on dating by going out with a Chinese woman instead of an American woman just wasn't good for me, or the Country!