Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Bowery Open Mic stuff

Here are a few videos from last weeks open mic at Bowery Poetry Club..I have learned that when you sit in the front row, and you are one out of three girls that are in attendance, you get A LOT of attention,including getting called a "teddy" and getting a fake flower from a clown who later took it back..sniffle..
Anywhore, Here is the "Blaze Up Clique" talking about "teddy's", Ahem. Yes, really. And the clown..and the very funny Jessica Delfino doing two songs..this past monday, she sang about taking back back fat...I wish I taped it. I was too busy getting blacked out drunk with Jim Gaffigan and his wife..I was drunk at least, maybe not them. They were funny though..and I think I was too from what I can remember..I started out at Liam McEneaney's Tell Your Friends at Lolita Bar which was awesome..Then drank my way to Bowery, got wasted, craziness ensued and I stumbled to Odessa Bar until late late late..Then I woke up and as the bits and pieces of my night came back to me..little by little..I vowed to be productive the next week. So I am trying to book some shows in Italy and at music festivals or next spring and summer..Our new CD ia done, just waiting on Crumb to send the artwork'll be out in about a month and a half I guess..Got a lot done today and submitted for some jobs..Being a starving artist would be more fun if I had money. Just a little, not too much. Here's a few pics of me pretending to be on the tech crew at Night of Too Many Stars..I had my pass made up for me after all...


  1. I was determined not to express my envy in this comment, but...okay, I'll just come out with it: YOU HUNG OUT WITH JIM GAFFIGAN AND HIS WIFE!!! Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite stand up comedians. I've liked his acting roles I've seen, too. My list of favorite comedians isn't linear, though; each one seems to be in his own category. Gaffigan's comedic devices are original...Of course next you'll be telling us you had tea and crumpets with Zach Galifianakis, and I'll be envious all over again...P.S.-the bottom photo looks like you are pushing on Houdini's portable toilet. (Harry, get the hell out a' that straight jacket, do your business! I gotta go!)

    I haven't watched any the the offered videos; I am too tired to go out tonight, so I plan to have a look.

  2. I love Zach G.I was hoping to meet him when I was a BG extra on Bored to Death. Instead, I just got a veggie meatball from Jason Shwartzman..Jim and his wife are really nice..They go to Bowery Poetry Club a lot..Good people. The episode of bored to Death i'm an extra in is on this Sunday I think..i'm in the background sitting at a table behind Jason and his girlfriend at a burlesque show..