Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Lower East Side Pageant Wednesday! 10pm!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the annual crazy Mr. Lower East Side Pageant at the Bowery Poetry Club hosted by Reverend Jen. at 10pm! Come and see men compete for the glorious title..There is a talent section, a swimsuit and evening wear one just like the crappy one you see on TV..BUT these people are all funny and insane in a great way and it should be fun..So come out though it's gonna rain and shit..Just by being there, you become a judge! It's only $5 you cheap bastards! Just kiddin'..you know I love you all..in a strictly platonic way. When I am drunk.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Biggest TV ever dumped and someone loses their religion.

Hello Dorks! Here are some weird pics to astound you or put you to sleep. I am very upset by how cold it is already and how my cool winter jacket was stolen. Now I have to search for one just as awesome or the fashion police will write about me and TMZ will make fun of me. Like last time this happened..Oh wait, that was Paris Hilton not me. Eh, whatever.

We have a religious statue that someone threw out..I think it's creepy how it's facing the wall. Like the Blair Witch Project or something. Then, right where the OTHER huge TV was thown out that I blogged about months ago..ANOTHER TV like thing was dumped! How many do they have? Is it even a TV? Or a time machine or a black hole which nature abhors? I love east 9th st. Weirdest block ever.

Then, a now prized possession of mine..A signed print of my album where R. Crumb apologizes for the eating disorder he thinks he gave me. I told him I had it long before I met him but he won't believe me.

Next blog will be all about a big show we have on December 2nd at Jalopy Theater to celebrate the release of John's 3 Cd Boxed Dust-to-Digital set, Baby How Can it Be? which I promoted a few days ago. It'll be available for sale at Jalopy and is on Amazon right now. The discs are freakin' amazing and if you don't buy it you have mental issues. We will be accompanied by Pat Conte and Ernesto Gomez that night who are incredible.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

JOhn's Dust-to-Digital Comp is out now!!!

So, John has this 3 cd disc comp out NOW of 78's from his amazing collection! This is the shiznit and makes a great xmas gift or if you're a jew you can get one for days on end..3 CD's of amazing old time music!!!! You will rue the day you were born if you don't buy this shit.
Here is a promo video for it..John made me be in it looking fat and hungover..which is how I feel today. Because last night was insane and I went to bed at like 7am..then had a bunch of shit to do.
AnySlur, here is the promo video and I will also provide links to the Amazon website. It's a mix of love songs, lust songs, and songs of contmpt.. Dust-To-Digital have won Grammy's for their reissues in the past..Help make this one a winner so I can go to the Grammy's and punch celebrities when I'm drunk on the free booze. I beg of you.

Here's the Amazon link:


Friday, November 19, 2010

Just read whatever I write and keep quiet.

This week has been quite entertaining as far as weeks go..then again I am easily entertained like when I watch that freaking Yule log for hours upon hours giggling like a madwoman. Shall ye NEVER burn Yule log? It's a Christmas miracle! And no, they don't run it on a loop so shut the hell up!

Okay, maybe I had some wine tonight but I needed it cause everything is so nuts lately..Everyone I know has decided to have mental breakdowns at the same time or something..and death is all around me which makes me want to enjoy my own life more and just be around good people I honestly care about.

AnyTaint, here are some pics for you, constant readers and stalkers alike. We have some Mars Bar fun, Crazy Dave and I, my friend Mike and me, Jerry and I actually getting along..Biker Bill with his new hat by Ray's, someone got a Mars bar tat, someone had someone take a pic of their butthole...and a MYSTERY box! Who knows what's in that package! If you see something, say something or the terrorists have won...a slap-chop! Why should cooking be made easy for them?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ray's now sells veggie burgers and other random shit.

Been busy the past few weeks..finishing new CD, seeing old friends..doing way too much drinking. Whee! However, now i'm back in the saddle again(YES-THAT'S A HINT THAT I STILL NEED A PONY!!) and just submitting for acting shit and running around taking pics of weird shit to delight and appall you all. Lost an old friend yesterday..too much death lately. If I am stuck on this dying planet, you all are too until I say so! Yeesh..

AnyHell, here are some random pics...Peace Proctology Glove, Me- drunk eating drunkenly in bed at like 8am, Penis nose, a tree growing fluff..and yes, Ray has veggie burgers now! And Apple Cider.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pics from Sophie Crumbs Gallery Opening

Well here are a mess load of pics from Sophie Crumb's art opening at the gallery in SOHO last week..Her artwork is pretty freakin' incredible and talk about worlds colliding. Shit! My parents showed up and met Robert and Sophie, plus Sturgeon from Leftover Crack and various other artists and squatters. It was packed and I hear people are still going there to check out her work-it's up through December I think. DCKT Gallery at 195 Bowery and Spring St.

Last week was really fun for me-seeing people I don't see that often..running around like a maniac til the wee hours of the morning..going to gallery events..Eli Smith was over and interviewed Robert Crumb about 78's..and John and I did a few songs that will be on Eli's Down Home Radio Live podcast..I will link that when it's up-it was a pretty interesting interview.

Now shit is back to normal for me..well, normal for ME anyway which is vaguely close to the opposite of normal I applied for tons of extra work..like any job that came up. I am willing to play a midget, an old black lady, a balding, middle aged man..Yeah, I'm THAT good dammit!

The pic above is a sketch Soph did of me on a placemat at a Jewish Deli in mid-town..in about 5 minutes..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gig at Jalopy with R. Crumb and friends!

Well, here are some videos of our gig at Jalopy with Robert Crumb, Pat Conte, Dom Flemons, Ernesto Gomez, Eli Smith, Walker Shepard and Craig Judelman sitting in..I think we did pretty well considering Robert lives in France and none of us had played before together that much..We practiced in an upstairs room for about 4 hours before we had to play..it was a really fun, packed night! Three people playing fiddle at one point at the same time!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sophie and Robert Crumb's interview at Barnes and Noble.

Here is a bunch of footage of Bob Weil from Norton Publisher's interviewing Sophie and Robert Crumb about her new book The Evolution of a Crazy Artist..I'll try to put them in some kinda order..I'll be posting pics from her fun gallery opening soon..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sophie Crumb's Gallery Opening on Thrusday

Well, I taped Sophie and Robert Crumb being interviewed by Sophie's publisher Bob about her awesome new book The Evolution of a Crazy Artist tonight at Barnes and Noble's..It was a hilarious interview and i'm going to upload it in 5 parts on here in a few days..

In the meantime, anyone that wants to see Sophie's art can come to her gallery opening at DCKT this thursday at 6pm. It ends at 8 I believe..Should be fun..195 Bowery at Spring st.

Here is a short video I shot in France asking Sophie about her new book..