Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Biggest TV ever dumped and someone loses their religion.

Hello Dorks! Here are some weird pics to astound you or put you to sleep. I am very upset by how cold it is already and how my cool winter jacket was stolen. Now I have to search for one just as awesome or the fashion police will write about me and TMZ will make fun of me. Like last time this happened..Oh wait, that was Paris Hilton not me. Eh, whatever.

We have a religious statue that someone threw out..I think it's creepy how it's facing the wall. Like the Blair Witch Project or something. Then, right where the OTHER huge TV was thown out that I blogged about months ago..ANOTHER TV like thing was dumped! How many do they have? Is it even a TV? Or a time machine or a black hole which nature abhors? I love east 9th st. Weirdest block ever.

Then, a now prized possession of mine..A signed print of my album where R. Crumb apologizes for the eating disorder he thinks he gave me. I told him I had it long before I met him but he won't believe me.

Next blog will be all about a big show we have on December 2nd at Jalopy Theater to celebrate the release of John's 3 Cd Boxed Dust-to-Digital set, Baby How Can it Be? which I promoted a few days ago. It'll be available for sale at Jalopy and is on Amazon right now. The discs are freakin' amazing and if you don't buy it you have mental issues. We will be accompanied by Pat Conte and Ernesto Gomez that night who are incredible.


  1. ...and here I thought the one about the guy being excommunicated for watching too much TV was just a rumor!!! I sure hope the baby Jesus doesn't tell Santa!

  2. I have trouble distinguishing you from Paris Hilton as well.

    Hope to attend on the 2nd. I have a friend who lives out there who I would like to take to your show.

  3. Sounds good..don't know how crowded it will be on a thursday night with the price..I hope some people come!

  4. Oh my, that's the Virgin Mary? I thought it was the "Carrie" Prom Scene Action Figure. It looks a little like a young Sissy Spacek.

  5. It's STILL THERE! It keeps moving closer to Avenue C and now it was facedown..I'm kinda scared of it.

  6. Don't worry, if it was face down the last time you saw it, that's just Satan playin' a game of Joanin' with Jesus. It is the archangel's version of "your momma wears combat boots..." that's all. Satan often taunts Jesus. Last month he had Jesus believing Gene Simmons was his brother and that God liked him better (didn't make him die on the cross, allowed him to get rich, etc.)