Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gig at Jalopy with R. Crumb and friends!

Well, here are some videos of our gig at Jalopy with Robert Crumb, Pat Conte, Dom Flemons, Ernesto Gomez, Eli Smith, Walker Shepard and Craig Judelman sitting in..I think we did pretty well considering Robert lives in France and none of us had played before together that much..We practiced in an upstairs room for about 4 hours before we had to was a really fun, packed night! Three people playing fiddle at one point at the same time!


  1. ...I like that "Fare Thee Blues"! That was quite the kazoo soloing! ...oh, and I love me some of that "Beaver Slide Rag"!

  2. On youtube the videos are not all compressed and half cut off like that..Yeah, all the people that sat in were so good..full band is a was a sausage fest up there and my mic kept slipping down until I kinda gave up on it..I didn't know much of the songs so I was looking at cheat sheets..was fun though.