Sunday, November 21, 2010

JOhn's Dust-to-Digital Comp is out now!!!

So, John has this 3 cd disc comp out NOW of 78's from his amazing collection! This is the shiznit and makes a great xmas gift or if you're a jew you can get one for days on end..3 CD's of amazing old time music!!!! You will rue the day you were born if you don't buy this shit.
Here is a promo video for it..John made me be in it looking fat and hungover..which is how I feel today. Because last night was insane and I went to bed at like 7am..then had a bunch of shit to do.
AnySlur, here is the promo video and I will also provide links to the Amazon website. It's a mix of love songs, lust songs, and songs of contmpt.. Dust-To-Digital have won Grammy's for their reissues in the past..Help make this one a winner so I can go to the Grammy's and punch celebrities when I'm drunk on the free booze. I beg of you.

Here's the Amazon link:


  1. If the whole CD is as cool as the songs highlighted in the video, then you wouldn't want a CD any cooler!!! (You would die from over coolness!!!) I've heard that all of the intelligent, good looking people are buying up the CD's like hot cakes with syrup!!! I hope to get one before the inventories run out, then the CD will only be purchasable on EBAY for a million dollars!!! I'm afraid if I wait until December it will be too late and only rich, popular celebrities will own one!!!

    I enjoyed the video and seeing all of your collectibles, posters, etc. (The large kazoo with the flared trumpet horn was really cool); John shouldn't have made you look fat and hungover, though. He needs to throw away that fat and hungover, wait, I was thinking about how bad Drinky Crow looked---you looked fine...

  2. you don't look fat to me. I am looking forward to meeting you at the DTD party next week.
    susan archie
    dtd designer gal

  3. Cool!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and John
    Rock on.

  4. Thanks guys..This Cd set is spectacular and I really hope it sells!