Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr. Lower East Side Pageant Wednesday! 10pm!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the annual crazy Mr. Lower East Side Pageant at the Bowery Poetry Club hosted by Reverend Jen. at 10pm! Come and see men compete for the glorious title..There is a talent section, a swimsuit and evening wear one just like the crappy one you see on TV..BUT these people are all funny and insane in a great way and it should be fun..So come out though it's gonna rain and shit..Just by being there, you become a judge! It's only $5 you cheap bastards! Just kiddin'..you know I love you all..in a strictly platonic way. When I am drunk.


  1. Why must men always be objectified?!?!?! It feels cheap and dirty being sized up like that, like a piece of meat! ...I prefer being compared to vegetables, myself!

  2. They all looked like old butternut squash to me.