Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pics from Sophie Crumbs Gallery Opening

Well here are a mess load of pics from Sophie Crumb's art opening at the gallery in SOHO last week..Her artwork is pretty freakin' incredible and talk about worlds colliding. Shit! My parents showed up and met Robert and Sophie, plus Sturgeon from Leftover Crack and various other artists and squatters. It was packed and I hear people are still going there to check out her work-it's up through December I think. DCKT Gallery at 195 Bowery and Spring St.

Last week was really fun for me-seeing people I don't see that often..running around like a maniac til the wee hours of the morning..going to gallery events..Eli Smith was over and interviewed Robert Crumb about 78's..and John and I did a few songs that will be on Eli's Down Home Radio Live podcast..I will link that when it's up-it was a pretty interesting interview.

Now shit is back to normal for me..well, normal for ME anyway which is vaguely close to the opposite of normal I applied for tons of extra any job that came up. I am willing to play a midget, an old black lady, a balding, middle aged man..Yeah, I'm THAT good dammit!

The pic above is a sketch Soph did of me on a placemat at a Jewish Deli in about 5 minutes..


  1. What?!?! No Mom stories?!?! ...Anyway, great artwork!! The third one from the bottom photo is a particular's as if Andrew Wyeth joined the Manson Family and painted this after dropping some acid...I'm always interested in how visual artists perceive/express light and shadow; that expression is as unique to the artist as a fingerprint. Sophie has the ability to convey both warm and cold light in her work, which casts a certain emotion on to each subject.

  2. I love Sohie's work and I love the sketch of you.