Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ray's now sells veggie burgers and other random shit.

Been busy the past few weeks..finishing new CD, seeing old friends..doing way too much drinking. Whee! However, now i'm back in the saddle again(YES-THAT'S A HINT THAT I STILL NEED A PONY!!) and just submitting for acting shit and running around taking pics of weird shit to delight and appall you all. Lost an old friend yesterday..too much death lately. If I am stuck on this dying planet, you all are too until I say so! Yeesh..

AnyHell, here are some random pics...Peace Proctology Glove, Me- drunk eating drunkenly in bed at like 8am, Penis nose, a tree growing fluff..and yes, Ray has veggie burgers now! And Apple Cider.


  1. And here I thought that was a Peace Proctology Rabbit who had committed suicide by jumping out a window---or, perhaps had been pushed, maybe?!?...Whew! Thankfully, I was mistaken! I should've known better---after all, there's no chalk outline. Suddenly, I'm reminded of previous conversations about hand puppets...I submit that this photo could be a kind of new, revised Rorshach test...

  2. Well, when I look at it I clearly see 2 dwarf pony's sitting in a hot tub discussing current events and the state of the nation. Either that or some crack whore lost her dental dam.