Friday, November 5, 2010

Sophie and Robert Crumb's interview at Barnes and Noble.

Here is a bunch of footage of Bob Weil from Norton Publisher's interviewing Sophie and Robert Crumb about her new book The Evolution of a Crazy Artist..I'll try to put them in some kinda order..I'll be posting pics from her fun gallery opening soon..

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  1. I notice little, odd, insignificant details sometimes. When Mr. Crumb was sliding the ribbon off of his gift package, for example, I noticed the tape that was holding the wrapping paper to the package hadn't held properly!?!?! And I wondered what the problem had been with the tape; was it merely "B" grade, dollar store tape? Was it defective "A" brand tape? Had the present sat in the sunlight or near a heat source of some kind? Had someone pre-partially unwrapped the present so that it would flow open more easily for Mr. Crumb? And so on. I also noticed that Mr. Crumb very gingerly removed the wrapping paper from around the box (presumably, he is more conscious of good recycling habits than I; I am more of a ripper, shredder and tearer of wrapping paper, myself. (I know! And I do feel guilty about my laissez-faire attitude toward wrapping paper consumption, truly I do; I'll make more of an effort, I promise! ...Well, I'll try to attempt to make more of an effort, let's put it that way) ...Anyways, I enjoyed the interview...Sophie's book has a wonderful concept to it, and I enjoyed the photos of drawings she has made throughout her life...Interestingly (well, interestingly to me, because I'm so curious about my own mind---some say I'm just self involved, even to the point of being narcissistic. You know, it's the little people who say that, the mouth-breathing garlic eaters), I felt as if I was peering into someone's personal life, sort of behind the scenes, in watching the interview. It was as if I had found a tape of someone's home movies and had decided to take it home and watch it. I felt voyeuristic for some reason, which is good because I feel truest to who I am when I am eaves dropping, peeping, and what-have-you. Of course, maybe I'm just perceiving all of this irrationally because I just got really stoned on some good weed...who knows?!?!