Tuesday, December 7, 2010

East River String Band in Wall Street journal today!

A freelance reporter wrote an article about my band and John's new 3 CD boxed set on Dust to Digital complete with photos and all, that appeared in today's Wall St Journal..Kinda strange paper to be in..but it's a nice article especially when it says I'm on my phone too much! Har!
Here is a link to it and a few pics of John's CD release party at Jalopy Theater..My next post will be the amazing buck dancers that were there!

Here is the link to today's, December 7th article about Baby, How Can it Be? and our upcoming CD Be Kind to a Man When He's Down.



  1. That Jalopy Theater looks like one cool place...I will incorporate it into my imaginary small town that I live in...

    ...waiting with bated breath (or maybe that's just bad breath and I need some serious brushing and flossing?) to hear more about the buckdancing! There isn't anything I don't like about buckdancing!!! One of my New Year's resolutions is to do more buckdancing!! Well, at least talk more about it, promote it, become a buckdancing impresario!!!

  2. I really enjoyed the feature... congrats to you both!

  3. Thanks you guys! The guy who talked to us was really nice and respected stuff that we didn't want in the article-which I am quickly learning is a rarity with journalists etc...
    Brett-before the buckdancing they showed a film about the 72 year old dancer that was there. Its good-Dust to Digital puts it out. Called Let Your Feet Do the Talkin'. The other film Ten Thousand Points of Light was hilarious.