Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm an atheist but here are some sassy x-mas crafts..

These are some DIY xmas ornaments and various crafts that my friend Daniella AKA Our Lady of Perpetual PMS makes and will be sells these crafts at Bowery Poetry Club at times. The boob balls are perfect to hang on your tree which you know you won't throw out until April anyway! She also uses soy sauce containers and small cigar boxes to make little xmas and Day of the Dead type shrines..You can order what you want made from her..she lives in the neighborhood and you will be supporting your local DIY art scene if you like her stuff..

The scarves are hand painted by her friend Wendy who will be selling her wares there as well..and also has stuff for sale come by Bowery and support the Anti-Slam and Craftermath or you will get lost in Kmart in the diaper ad cat litter aisle for all of eternity!

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