Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr. Lower East Side Pageant Shit.

So here is some video footage from the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant that went on at Bowery Poetry Club a few days ago..There is a pic someone sent me of me on the stage..There was no where to sit so they let people on stage to judge the show. Which I did, fairly I must say..No dangling chads here..but I saw enough things dangling there pretty much right in my last me a lifetime. Can one die from scrotum over load?

Included are a few videos from the show..I missed a lot of the good stuff..the swimsuit competition, got really smoky up there and beer was all over the place..I didn't want my camera to get ruined so I put it away. Unlike the men with their junk hanging out! Moonshine took first place..his third time winning the crown I believe..

1 comment:

  1. I didn't see that any of the contestants did any buckdancing?!?! That would have surely been a winning strategy!