Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Buckdancing at Jalopy and Matt Kinman playing.

I am really behind on this blogging stuff..I suppose that's why I will never win Best Drunken Blogger, or Most Offensive Post when they hand out awards..Well, I still have my "World's Best Granny" mug at least..So, things have been good lately..though the WSJ outed my age and over usage of my cell phone..we play live on WFMU from 8pm-9pm this tuesday so I am trying to not get sick and get my voice back. It got lost somewhere between getting wasted at Bowery Poetry Club, and then getting blacked out at Mars Bar upon hearing the news of their impending doom. Is it pathetic how depressed I am over this news? What will take the place of Mars Bar? All other bars annoy me.

Anyfelch, here are some videos of some amazing buckdancing at Jalopy Theater from last week..Thomas Maupin is 72 years old! The film about him, "Let Your Feet do the Talkin'" is really good..It's put out by Dust to Digital. The very talented Matt Kinman plays for them..


  1. Oh, thank you, baby Jesus, that was some good buckdancing! Mr. Maupin moves around amazingly well for 72 years old! I've seen a lot of buckdancing in my day, and Mr. Maupin is just about the finest buckdancer I've ever seen, aside from Dwayne Shackleford back home (of course, he was cocky and lacked the quiet confidence Mr. Maupin displays). I think it's interesting that it's not too far away from black minstrel tap dancing of the 19th century (and even some of the hoofing later from vaudeville). Also, I like the claw hammer approach to banjo; it's a very different sound and presence than the finger rolls of bluegrass banjo--and it lends itself to buckdancing quite well, I might add...Is that John's guitar Matt Kinman is using?!? I hope so, because it would be hard to get my mind around there being another guitar of that make and model being played within the same circles?!?! Outside of John's (and perhaps this one in the video), I have never seen a guitar like that, and I've seen a lot of parlor guitars! ...Matt reminds me of them young fellers from Old Crow Medicine Show, or maybe the Hackensaw Boys. I'm gonna have to do me some googlin' now...

  2. Look's like some of them ole Cardboard Dancers could pick up some moves here

  3. Shakelford is a hack! And he owes me ten bucks!
    Yes, that's John's Kay. There can BE ONLY ONE! Or John will cry like a sissy girl.

  4. Shackleford! That no-good, good-for-nothing, dirty, low-down, double-crossing, two-timing gutter snipe!!! It's called BUCKDANCING not TEN BUCK DANCING!!!!

    There CAN be only one! And somehow I take great comfort in knowing this! All is right with the time-space continuum...whew!