Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stacked Snow Woman and some assorted shiznit.

It is STILL snowing here in the grey and puddly apple..At least it's warmer and the blizzards are kinda fun..I've given up being in denial about how awful this winter is and put on snowboots so I can go out and play in Tompkins..I haven't been hibernating at all..going out too much really, but no wandering the streets talking to random people like I love doing in the spring and summer..though I did get a bikini line wax today. Yeah, IT FREAKING HURT LIKE HELL! Us Jews are hairy and shaving gives me a i don't even have to shower!

Anydrizzle, Here are a few pics of snow fun at the park..A womanly snowwoman, and some weird caves and igloos abounded there..Some people were just piling snow up as high as they could in a huge ball..Snow does turn everyone into kids again. Except if you work on Wall Street and your car is encased in ice! Buy Buy Sell Sell! But your SUV is still stuck sucka! At least I spent all my dough on hair removal..probably what DoomBerg was getting done last blizzard..

Speaking of Wall Street..Some young entrepreneur must have thrown in the towel cause that little kit and a fancy black bag and other weird things were in the lobby of my building being thrown away. Har!

Then some signage on the subway..and me and my prized leg lamp..even the leg lights up!

Well, I think Ray's Candy Store is in dire straights again..i'll be stopping by there soon to see what's what and report back. Every business is dead around here but the bars and some restaurants are jam packed full of people screaming and yelling like animals let loose from their cages. And girls still are tottering around in heels! In 10 inch snowbanks! One fell when I was out earlier and started crying. I didn't have the heart to snap a pic..See how nice I am? Awww..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New CD is up for pre-order and Robert Crumb's 78's for sale on Ebay!

Hello pals and gals! I have returned at last..Soooo..some interesting news is that John is now selling Robert Crumb's 78rpm duplicates and overstock on Ebay. There are many many rare records in the genre's of jazz, blues, country, cajun, and all kinds of obscure ethnic records. John will be doing this on and off for a while. If you're a Crumb fan, Robert often writes notes and personal comments about the records on their that's kinda cool in and of itself if you are a fan/collector..My handwriting at its best looks like monkey scribbles compared to Robert's.

Also, our new CD Be Kind To A Man When He's Down is now up for pre-order on Amazon..Did I link this already? I can't remember..I don't think I did. Well, anybetty, I will upload some pics of a 78, a note on one of the sleeves as an example..Here are John's EBAY LISTINGS.

The first pic is of the amazing artwork for our new CD which you can pre-order HERE. Crumb plays mandolin on more than half of the tracks, and Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Pat Conte of The Otis Brothers also play on a few songs!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mars Bar, Jalopy pic, and LES Jewels brings the Rock.

Well, this new year is starting off with a bang..already overload of hijinks and oddities..My main goals are to write more, learn guitar, drink more wine, have less hangovers and to become rich and famous and loved by around 4-6 weeks or so. I like to think realistically so I don't get my hopes up too high by setting unattainable standards.

I saw a lot of old friends this week who were in town for a benefit show in Greenpoint..Got pulled over by cops in brooklyn, took an hour to get home...BUT had a fun NY moment when homeless guy came through the subway car singing Elton John's "Your Song" and all 8 of us joined in for the whole ride..then danced out of the car singing Lean on Me..Guy looked kinda happy/confused but got some money from us..Kinda made up for having to go to the land of Brooklyn. Cannibals live out there!

Here are some pics of a party at Csquat..LES Jewels took to the stage to sing..something..guy was putting a rat in his mouth sort of..had fun dance party til 6am til I got tired and went home..The other pics are of a guy trying to get down and dirty at Mars Bar but being pulled off the bar right away..and one nice pic of me at Jalopy after a show..with John, Ari Eisinger, Pat Conte, Ernesto and Frankie..had to put one normal photo in there..

Work is so dead..not one call to do any background even, though I did audition for a prostitute and a goth girl part in short film..No call yet though..sigh..If someone would give me the chance I know I could a funny, freaky kind of role of course. Every time I go on an audition I have fun just getting to act for the three people watching and filming me..Eh, gotta work at it more I guess..or kiss some ass and shmooze which I won't do. THEY MUST COME TO ME! Anyhoot..enjoy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tunes from Saturday at Jalopy plus new Crumb artwork!

Here are a bunch of videos from Saturday's Night of Country Guitar at Jalopy Theater..So happy people came out in the cold cold cold for the show! Cause we played with Ari Eisenger who is amazing, and Pat Conte, AND the Little Brothers..Man, it was fun! I'm such an amateur but it inspires me to play with people this good..makes me keep practicing guitar though it's frustrating as hell..I get mad if I can't be good at something immediately..

ALSO, our brand new FUCKING SLAMMIN' artwork by Crumb came in the mail today! I'll upload a pic..We have two gigs with Robert in March..and Ari and Pat and the talented Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops will be playing too..I was hungover today after a fun, crazy night but that artwork made my hangover go away..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun at Mars..before impending closing..and gigs!

The blizzard was kinda awful and fun a few weeks ago..I like that the city was shut down-it was weirdly deserted and so quiet..I still went out because the places I go to are close to where I live..It took me about 45 minutes to walk to Bowery Poetry Club..and I kept falling in snow drifts and really couldn't get up-not like that old lady on TV who is obviously faking it! YEAH-I'M ON TO YOU BITCH!! You CAN get up and you freakin' know it lazy asstaintfakerliarpants!

Sorry about that folks..I really don't like winter and can't wait til it's over..14 more weeks! Yay! Anysniff, here are some pics from a small snowboulder fight at Mars Bar the other week..They were not snow balls, they were boulders bigger than my head..twice the hilarity!

Later the bar was really clean like it had been freshly mopped 100 times..Some black sludge was in a cup for a joke and people tasted it on a bet..I'm sure it was chock full of....AIDS..

Got a gig tomorrw at Jalopy Theater but with the weather and some big sports game going on I have little hope of it being crowded..BUT we do have two big gigs with Crumb coming up in March..One at jalopy and one at the Society of Illustrator's museum..if you go to their website and click on special events you can already buy tickets..There's a special exhibit of rare Crumb art and we are going to play with Robert and other great musicians for 3 hours while the gallery is open..My Parental Units will be there..drunk I hope and horrifyingly embarrassing again!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crazy Fire on East 4th St and 2nd Ave!

So I go to buy my favorite crackcorn Little Lad herbal corn with nutritional yeast and stuff in it..and my local favorite overpriced bodega has massive amounts of smoke coming from it! A huge apartment fire apparently..don't know why or how or where it started..but everyone was climbing down the fire escapes in the back of the building to get out of there..I think everyone got out safely from what I can tell when I asked the firemen..Tons of cops, EMT's etc are on the scene..Here are some pics I took..and one of east 5th st..the smoke was filling up the whole neighborhood and everyone stopped what they were doing to see what was going on..

Very scary and I feel bad for the residents! However, I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching this awful the guy who came up to me and we had this great little conversation:

Guy: "You work at a bar round here right? I always see you.."

Me: "No, I don't work in a bar. This fire is fucking nuts!"

Guy: "What's your name?"

Me: "Pee Pee Mcgee."

Guy: "So..You like to party?"

Me:"Wha!? Look at this FIRE!!"

Guy:"So how about it?'

Me:"You are so full of...AIDS."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve Party at Csquat!

I was thinking that this new year would be less weird and nuts as the last one..but that is not the case. Eh, 2010 was a good year for me..lots of good stuff happened. Lots of drama and unfortunately some deaths..but I guess all in all it could have been worse. The night BEFORE New Years Eve, I went to a gay bar with a friend because he will get hit on, not me..but I am sure someone roofied him as the night turned from fun/crazy to bad/crazy and ended with me covered in pee and puke and dealing with poop as well-none of it my own. I had to call 911..I couldn't hold my friend up and he couldn't walk or talk and laying the snow wasn't fun for two hours..I was scared he would choke on his own vomit so I called the cops..He's fine-they didn't check to see what was in his system but someone slipped him something-I am 100% positive..probably creepy guy who kept saying he looked like Jake Gyllenhall..Who knows..

Anyway, New Years Eve was party at Csquat..The Dog That Bites Everyone played, then people danced to 80's..Here's a mess of pics..My friend Stacey and I, some girl with a funny tat on her back, Chicken Man and I, Remi, Nico the Crow, The Four-loko tree with crucified kermit as the star..very fun night though I paid for it the next day..

Some exciting band stuff coming up for CD out soon..hoping for more acting parts and more craziness..Why not? There is no way to stop crazy. Not even a hot tub or unicorn will help..Anyway, more blogs to come..I've been MIA for a week. I shall not forget you, dear readers..