Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crazy Fire on East 4th St and 2nd Ave!

So I go to buy my favorite crackcorn Little Lad herbal corn with nutritional yeast and stuff in it..and my local favorite overpriced bodega has massive amounts of smoke coming from it! A huge apartment fire apparently..don't know why or how or where it started..but everyone was climbing down the fire escapes in the back of the building to get out of there..I think everyone got out safely from what I can tell when I asked the firemen..Tons of cops, EMT's etc are on the scene..Here are some pics I took..and one of east 5th st..the smoke was filling up the whole neighborhood and everyone stopped what they were doing to see what was going on..

Very scary and I feel bad for the residents! However, I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching this awful spectacle..at the guy who came up to me and we had this great little conversation:

Guy: "You work at a bar round here right? I always see you.."

Me: "No, I don't work in a bar. This fire is fucking nuts!"

Guy: "What's your name?"

Me: "Pee Pee Mcgee."

Guy: "So..You like to party?"

Me:"Wha!? Look at this FIRE!!"

Guy:"So how about it?'

Me:"You are so full of...AIDS."


  1. "So...you like to party?" ?!?!?!? As evidenced by not listening to what you were saying, sounds like the guy has both a receptive language deficit AND an expressive language deficit!!! He appears to have deficits in recognizing context, as well!!! ...Actually, that would have been a good comeback to his, "so...you like to party?" You: "no, but maybe your speech therapist might be up for a session; sounds like you haven't been in a while!" ...It seems as though he finally managed to get his certificate from creep school, though; I'll bet he passed with flying colors...In all fairness to the confused lad, he probably got into a party mood (see second photo from the bottom) when the firemen all made their suits light up and began forming a conga line...seriously, though, that is kind of scary seeing people filing down the fire escape in all that smoke!

  2. ha! @ your conversation. oh, drunkie little idiots.

    man, when i went out for my last break before closing down the bar i knew i smelled smoke. i kept looking up at the building and going back inside the bar to see if mars was on fire. not happy to hear the east village farms building was on fire (sad for all the residents!! and man, i always shop there) but pleased to know i wasn't having ghost smells (always assuming i'm going bonkers).