Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun at Mars..before impending closing..and gigs!

The blizzard was kinda awful and fun a few weeks ago..I like that the city was shut down-it was weirdly deserted and so quiet..I still went out because the places I go to are close to where I live..It took me about 45 minutes to walk to Bowery Poetry Club..and I kept falling in snow drifts and really couldn't get up-not like that old lady on TV who is obviously faking it! YEAH-I'M ON TO YOU BITCH!! You CAN get up and you freakin' know it lazy asstaintfakerliarpants!

Sorry about that folks..I really don't like winter and can't wait til it's over..14 more weeks! Yay! Anysniff, here are some pics from a small snowboulder fight at Mars Bar the other week..They were not snow balls, they were boulders bigger than my head..twice the hilarity!

Later the bar was really clean like it had been freshly mopped 100 times..Some black sludge was in a cup for a joke and people tasted it on a bet..I'm sure it was chock full of....AIDS..

Got a gig tomorrw at Jalopy Theater but with the weather and some big sports game going on I have little hope of it being crowded..BUT we do have two big gigs with Crumb coming up in March..One at jalopy and one at the Society of Illustrator's museum..if you go to their website and click on special events you can already buy tickets..There's a special exhibit of rare Crumb art and we are going to play with Robert and other great musicians for 3 hours while the gallery is open..My Parental Units will be there..drunk I hope and horrifyingly embarrassing again!

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  1. Old lady from the commercial: "help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" Guy from on the street at the fire: "so, you like to party?"