Monday, January 17, 2011

Mars Bar, Jalopy pic, and LES Jewels brings the Rock.

Well, this new year is starting off with a bang..already overload of hijinks and oddities..My main goals are to write more, learn guitar, drink more wine, have less hangovers and to become rich and famous and loved by around 4-6 weeks or so. I like to think realistically so I don't get my hopes up too high by setting unattainable standards.

I saw a lot of old friends this week who were in town for a benefit show in Greenpoint..Got pulled over by cops in brooklyn, took an hour to get home...BUT had a fun NY moment when homeless guy came through the subway car singing Elton John's "Your Song" and all 8 of us joined in for the whole ride..then danced out of the car singing Lean on Me..Guy looked kinda happy/confused but got some money from us..Kinda made up for having to go to the land of Brooklyn. Cannibals live out there!

Here are some pics of a party at Csquat..LES Jewels took to the stage to sing..something..guy was putting a rat in his mouth sort of..had fun dance party til 6am til I got tired and went home..The other pics are of a guy trying to get down and dirty at Mars Bar but being pulled off the bar right away..and one nice pic of me at Jalopy after a show..with John, Ari Eisinger, Pat Conte, Ernesto and Frankie..had to put one normal photo in there..

Work is so dead..not one call to do any background even, though I did audition for a prostitute and a goth girl part in short film..No call yet though..sigh..If someone would give me the chance I know I could a funny, freaky kind of role of course. Every time I go on an audition I have fun just getting to act for the three people watching and filming me..Eh, gotta work at it more I guess..or kiss some ass and shmooze which I won't do. THEY MUST COME TO ME! Anyhoot..enjoy!


  1. Well, you may have had way too many hangovers, not had nearly enough wine, not yet learned enough on guitar and don't write enough, but the other goal on your list has already been achieved! ...Of course I plan to suck up to people more, especially those who might become rich and famous!

  2. Clearly, in looking at the photo of the guy putting the rat in his mouth, he is pre-digesting food for the little tyke...that's so cute and maternal!

  3. You guys look so happy and relaxed in that group photo, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Thanks for posting!