Sunday, January 23, 2011

New CD is up for pre-order and Robert Crumb's 78's for sale on Ebay!

Hello pals and gals! I have returned at last..Soooo..some interesting news is that John is now selling Robert Crumb's 78rpm duplicates and overstock on Ebay. There are many many rare records in the genre's of jazz, blues, country, cajun, and all kinds of obscure ethnic records. John will be doing this on and off for a while. If you're a Crumb fan, Robert often writes notes and personal comments about the records on their that's kinda cool in and of itself if you are a fan/collector..My handwriting at its best looks like monkey scribbles compared to Robert's.

Also, our new CD Be Kind To A Man When He's Down is now up for pre-order on Amazon..Did I link this already? I can't remember..I don't think I did. Well, anybetty, I will upload some pics of a 78, a note on one of the sleeves as an example..Here are John's EBAY LISTINGS.

The first pic is of the amazing artwork for our new CD which you can pre-order HERE. Crumb plays mandolin on more than half of the tracks, and Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Pat Conte of The Otis Brothers also play on a few songs!


  1. I have, in the past, always gotten into some kinda trouble from collecting this or that, obsessing on this or that...I have refrained from collecting old records for a variety of reasons I won't go into here (something to do with an ostrich, an accordion, and..well, it's complicated, that's all I'm gonna say); but, on the other hand, there is such a wealth of early 20th century music that is at the root of so much that is important in American music, and the physicality of holding a record in one's hands instead of a CD is so gratifying; it's not just music, it's history! AND herstory!...anyways, you guys are making it hard to abstain...oh, well, at least it's not crack!!! I'm still sitting on the fence, though. Seems like a good opportunity to start, though........

    P.S.- I laughed at two things: "anybetty" and, especially, "monkey scribbles"!

  2. CD's are going away pretty much, unfortunately..I think the standards of an album going "platinum" and gold have lessened by a third or something..Number one new releases sell like 40,000 copies now and that's considered amazing..I think it used to be four times that. Guess i'll never get my gold..or that gold medal from the special olympics..I work in an all vinyl record store and business is sloooow this past two months..

  3. An all vinyl record store!? Gosh, I hope you're not the owner!
    Seriously people, it's the future and digital is F@$@%#G great! Great for recording and for listening to music.
    Someone should convert Crumbs collection to flac files and put it on a torrent site. Share the music as best you can, and that is a brilliant way to do it. I for one would love to have access to it.

  4. I have the feeling Crumb would NOT agree with you about digital! Just a sneaking suspicion..heh.
    Yazoo reissues old time stuff from the best 78 collections in the world..Don Kent, Crumb, Sherwin Dunner, Terry Zwigoff and more..However, they just lose money on them cause no one buys CD's anymore..It's a labor of love-cause Richard Nevins who owns Yazoo wants people to have access to the rare shellac.
    Vinyl has made a come back and the store does surprisingly well!