Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stacked Snow Woman and some assorted shiznit.

It is STILL snowing here in the grey and puddly apple..At least it's warmer and the blizzards are kinda fun..I've given up being in denial about how awful this winter is and put on snowboots so I can go out and play in Tompkins..I haven't been hibernating at all..going out too much really, but no wandering the streets talking to random people like I love doing in the spring and summer..though I did get a bikini line wax today. Yeah, IT FREAKING HURT LIKE HELL! Us Jews are hairy and shaving gives me a i don't even have to shower!

Anydrizzle, Here are a few pics of snow fun at the park..A womanly snowwoman, and some weird caves and igloos abounded there..Some people were just piling snow up as high as they could in a huge ball..Snow does turn everyone into kids again. Except if you work on Wall Street and your car is encased in ice! Buy Buy Sell Sell! But your SUV is still stuck sucka! At least I spent all my dough on hair removal..probably what DoomBerg was getting done last blizzard..

Speaking of Wall Street..Some young entrepreneur must have thrown in the towel cause that little kit and a fancy black bag and other weird things were in the lobby of my building being thrown away. Har!

Then some signage on the subway..and me and my prized leg lamp..even the leg lights up!

Well, I think Ray's Candy Store is in dire straights again..i'll be stopping by there soon to see what's what and report back. Every business is dead around here but the bars and some restaurants are jam packed full of people screaming and yelling like animals let loose from their cages. And girls still are tottering around in heels! In 10 inch snowbanks! One fell when I was out earlier and started crying. I didn't have the heart to snap a pic..See how nice I am? Awww..


  1. What?!? The leg lights up?!?! Now I am really envious! ...That red-haired snow lady has clearly had implants! She's probably had her carrot done too!

  2. Just curious....does your leg lamp devotion stem from the "Christmas Story" flick....or are you a closet Tony Kornheiser devot'e (he has one on the desk on daily PTI show)....or is it simply that you are....loving the luminosity? Slum on sistah!

  3. That snow woman was all fake! I can't tell you how many casting couches she bent over to get that role! That doesn't even make sense-I'm just annoyed that I am getting no calls for BG work at all lately!
    Yes, the lamp love is from A Christmas Story of course! Best movie ever but not as good as the Yule Log Show Program.

  4. ...'DoomBerg' got a hair removal! heehee

  5. Not for nothing, you complain about "people screaming and yelling like animals let loose from their cages" from the bars and restaurants,what about the Mars bar? I live around the corner and I'm sick of seeing people exit that place just to have them throw up/piss/sleep in front of my building. I don't want to even mention the drug activity that goes on in there.

  6. The people acting like idiots who are outsied of Mars Bar are not the regulars, they are "tourists" popping in to view the 'taste of a "divey bar in nyc" and they get really over excited..And you think Mars has a lot of drug activity? Wow-how many bars do YOU frequent..walk a bit up the block and you'll see some real "drug activity." No one I know has gotten roofied at Mars that's for sure..some bars I've been in have people just doing their drug of choice right out there on the bar itself for all to see..and yes, they were wearing tiaras, designer clothes, and screaming like hyenas after they did these drugs-all OUTSIDE THE BAR! For hours!
    Anybitch, they are are closing soon so you won't have a thing to worry your little old head about Levittown!