Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Robert Crumb at my place for Down Home Radio.

Here is a link to an hour long interview with Robert Crumb that Eli Smith from the Down Home Radio podcast conducted at my apartment last month when Robert was in town..JOhn spins some rare 78rpm's while Eli asks questions..and we also play a few tunes with Robert(on mandolin)!

So listen to it and get your full nerd on!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen is MAGICAL!

I just love how crazy Charlie Sheen is..He seriously seems like the world's biggest crazed egomaniac! He and Lady Gaga should have their own show..Here are some pics of just....stuff...I dunno..The weird creepy art book, the chocolate football egg..

A giant stuffed carrot that appeared at mars bar for a night..and what i'm hoping is my last pic of this winter-a car stuck in the ice and snow with a ticket on it-haw!

It is all raining and stuff but it doesn't have that winter freezing feeling outside anymore. It's not even March but it feels kinda like spring out there to me. I could be imagining this, of course. Like I imagine flying alongside a unicorn to Fairyland one day..

Anyway, yes, our new CD is now at CD Baby, Amazon, and we are also selling it on ebay so we get all the money then! Here is a link to our ebay may change and go dead but our selling name is edenandjohn and we will have the CD up there and the vinyl of Be Kind to a Man When He's Down, along with all our old cd's and stuff..EBAY LISTINGS

We hope to be getting some reviews for it soon..It features R. Crumb on mandolin on half the tracks, Pat Conte of the Legendary Otis Brothers on several, and Grammy winner(yes!)Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops on a track..We have two big shows with Crumb and Pat end of March and several gigs with Crumb in Italy in July if you happen to be in Italy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Robin Hoffman's art show up at jalopy

Robin Hoffman is a NYC artist who i've seen sketching away while playing at Jalopy Theater in red hook..Her quick live drawings are great and her work is hanging at Jalopy from now until March 26th..It features artists who have played there, and she drew them all live while they were playing! Here is her website and here is the drawing/watercolor she did of us playing with R. Crumb which is featured on the flyer for her show..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love, VD, and sexy graffiti!

Well, the first pics are from Mars bar on Valentine's Day..After my date I ventured out to take pics of the dirty love graffiti on the walls there as my friend Tim Shea suggested..So we have Gay Superman and a whole lotta love happening on the walls there in marker! Including some from the lovely Reverend Jen, whose book Live Nude Elf I just finished and loved! And the legendary Faceboy..two people i've been seeing a lot lately and enjoying it..nice to see people who are best friends for life!

The last pic is my awesome VD gift..granny boots! My new favorite shoes..See-I really AM a real girl! Anyway, my somewhat nutty neighbor had some kind of "episode" and when I got home from auditioning for the part of a blood obsessed psycho who kills animals..I found 12 cops in front of my apt door questioning my neighbor about his sanity. He was locked out of his apartment by accident and had called 911 I guess..Anyway, this all was kinda funny and lasted a few hours. I ate dinner while I talked to cops and tried to tell them about my bands new CD which came out today! Yay! The cops were pretty patient with all this...having to break open his lock on the door..him telling them to stay 2 feet away because he has panic episodes..Maybe me standing there cracking jokes in my slutty audition garb helped.. My neighbor was laying on his back surrounded by pills and money and weird items..but he was cracking funny jokes so it was fun in an odd way. He kept apologizing and I assured him that this was the most normal thing that happened to me this week. I was at a party last night drinking wine with some funny comedians..My hangover today actually helped my audition as a psycho I think..

Anycrud, more info about the Cd soon and I have a ton of blogs and pics to post this week! Lotsa stuff going on..cant wait for spring! Fun feels like its in the air..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tell Your Friends Concert Movie trailer..

Tell Your Friends is a comedy/music show that my friend Liam McEneaney does every tuesday night from 8-10pm in the basement of Lolita bar on Broome and Allen st. There are usually about 5 comedians, including Liam himself, who perform short sets and a musical guest..East River has played it a few times and it's always a fun night with a good crowd. I've seen some really great acts there including Kristen Schall(whom I love!), Reggie Watts, Christian Finnegan and more..Mike Doughty of Coughing Souls fame plays there frequently and various other local musicians.

Well, Liam and producer/director Victor Varnado have made the show into a concert film which should be coming out soon! I was at one of the tapings for it and it was hilarious..In fact I think I may be in it for 5 seconds making an ass of myself because that's what happens when I sit in the front row at comedy shows..I love going to smaller, intimate shows like this one rather than paying tons of money to see the same people at some 3-drink minimum fancy club..TYF's has a family vibe to it and that, along with the talented performers, makes you keep coming back to it week after week..It's been going strong for 5 years now.

Anyloops, Here is the link to the TYF FB PAGE and here is the trailer for the film which has already gotten almost 12,000 hits on youtube!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey folks! Have I mentioned that I fucking hate WINTER and whoever invented it should be tarred and feathered and forced to listen to Air Supply and Steely Dan forever and ever until their eardrums start bleeding and implode in on themselves and they DIE DIE DIE!!! Oh, I REALLY HATE WINTER, too in case I forgot to mention that.

Here are some pics of gross snow and WINTER which I really hope ends early. It's been a rough one and I will be very pleased if we have a warmer March. The sun makes me instantly happier and more cancery I guess but that's besides the point..Live in the moment!

Not much going on..was feeling sick for a few days..still am a little..waiting on new CD to be sent to us..should be about two weeks or less..Then i'll be rich. Rich. RICH!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ray's Birthday Bash complete with Go-Go dancer and two cakes!

Sooo..Ray had his 78th birthday party last night at his store which involved a stripper, two cakes and a gerbil! Just kidding about the gerbil-just wanted to spice this up a bit there..The dancer was nice and fun and there was a big cheesecake and a german chocolate cake which pretty much fed everyone there perfectly..

Here are some shots from the shindig..Ray had fun as usual, but he kept trying to wait on customers by the window even during all the hijinks..His business is VERY slow lately and his store REALLY needs help! I know many store and places that are closing soon..and if Ray's goes another NYC icon with character and the flavor of old NYC will CBGB's, and soon Mars Bar..

I got the sad sad news that a friend of mine died right before I went to this and I was not in a happy mood..drank myself sick all night which is why I am posting these at midnight after i got linked about it! Ugh..I feel so sick over this..He was very young and sweet and I wish I could go back in time and somehow change what happened to him..

But here are some fun pics..Ray and the dancer, Ray getting lingerie tossed at him and the cakes on the counter..Luckily for her it was very warm in there between the heat and the crowds of people(mostly men!)..It was fun and cheered me up a little. I really hope Ray can get through this winter.his business is his life. Summer he always picks up with ice-cream sales and he is expanding his menu and trying new things.