Friday, February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen is MAGICAL!

I just love how crazy Charlie Sheen is..He seriously seems like the world's biggest crazed egomaniac! He and Lady Gaga should have their own show..Here are some pics of just....stuff...I dunno..The weird creepy art book, the chocolate football egg..

A giant stuffed carrot that appeared at mars bar for a night..and what i'm hoping is my last pic of this winter-a car stuck in the ice and snow with a ticket on it-haw!

It is all raining and stuff but it doesn't have that winter freezing feeling outside anymore. It's not even March but it feels kinda like spring out there to me. I could be imagining this, of course. Like I imagine flying alongside a unicorn to Fairyland one day..

Anyway, yes, our new CD is now at CD Baby, Amazon, and we are also selling it on ebay so we get all the money then! Here is a link to our ebay may change and go dead but our selling name is edenandjohn and we will have the CD up there and the vinyl of Be Kind to a Man When He's Down, along with all our old cd's and stuff..EBAY LISTINGS

We hope to be getting some reviews for it soon..It features R. Crumb on mandolin on half the tracks, Pat Conte of the Legendary Otis Brothers on several, and Grammy winner(yes!)Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops on a track..We have two big shows with Crumb and Pat end of March and several gigs with Crumb in Italy in July if you happen to be in Italy!


  1. Looks like Mr. Carrot was getting a little grabby with the ladies that night! ...I think he needs to spend some quality time with the Pee Phone™ and get his mind right! Anyway, he's not without his charms I suppose...

  2. I just bought a copy of your CD via EBay. What a cool R. Crumb cover! Your comments over at EV Grieve crack me up! Can't wait to hear the tunes! And it doesn't get any better than the world according to Charlie Sheen! I always liked him better than Emilio.