Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey folks! Have I mentioned that I fucking hate WINTER and whoever invented it should be tarred and feathered and forced to listen to Air Supply and Steely Dan forever and ever until their eardrums start bleeding and implode in on themselves and they DIE DIE DIE!!! Oh, I REALLY HATE WINTER, too in case I forgot to mention that.

Here are some pics of gross snow and WINTER which I really hope ends early. It's been a rough one and I will be very pleased if we have a warmer March. The sun makes me instantly happier and more cancery I guess but that's besides the point..Live in the moment!

Not much going on..was feeling sick for a few days..still am a little..waiting on new CD to be sent to us..should be about two weeks or less..Then i'll be rich. Rich. RICH!!!


  1. So, I guess what you're saying is that you're not fond of winter, not so much as a season, per se, just the cold, wind, rain, sleet, ice, snow (and so on and so forth) parts of winter; am I right or am I right? Maybe it's just me, and I could be wrong, but this is my impression of what you're saying here, anyways...I'd like to say I hate winter, too, but hate is such a harsh word, even though winter killed my father; well, hurt him really badly---hurt his feelings...I like winter better than I do Air Supply/Steely Dan is all I'm saying, really...well, I don't hate winter AS MUCH as I do Air Supply/Steely Dan, let me put it that way...

  2. I hope you make the top photo into a postcard, and send it to people you hate with a "Wish you were here" note... Or maybe, "Wish that I could shove your ugly mug into this cesspool of snow..."

  3. I'm glad I already had my dinner two hours ago, because if I had seen these disgusting photos earlier, I would've lost my appetite! The good news is that the ground hog predicts an early Spring, AND Robins have been sighted here in Connecticut. Both those creatures couldn't be wrong!