Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love, VD, and sexy graffiti!

Well, the first pics are from Mars bar on Valentine's Day..After my date I ventured out to take pics of the dirty love graffiti on the walls there as my friend Tim Shea suggested..So we have Gay Superman and a whole lotta love happening on the walls there in marker! Including some from the lovely Reverend Jen, whose book Live Nude Elf I just finished and loved! And the legendary Faceboy..two people i've been seeing a lot lately and enjoying it..nice to see people who are best friends for life!

The last pic is my awesome VD gift..granny boots! My new favorite shoes..See-I really AM a real girl! Anyway, my somewhat nutty neighbor had some kind of "episode" and when I got home from auditioning for the part of a blood obsessed psycho who kills animals..I found 12 cops in front of my apt door questioning my neighbor about his sanity. He was locked out of his apartment by accident and had called 911 I guess..Anyway, this all was kinda funny and lasted a few hours. I ate dinner while I talked to cops and tried to tell them about my bands new CD which came out today! Yay! The cops were pretty patient with all this...having to break open his lock on the door..him telling them to stay 2 feet away because he has panic episodes..Maybe me standing there cracking jokes in my slutty audition garb helped.. My neighbor was laying on his back surrounded by pills and money and weird items..but he was cracking funny jokes so it was fun in an odd way. He kept apologizing and I assured him that this was the most normal thing that happened to me this week. I was at a party last night drinking wine with some funny comedians..My hangover today actually helped my audition as a psycho I think..

Anycrud, more info about the Cd soon and I have a ton of blogs and pics to post this week! Lotsa stuff going on..cant wait for spring! Fun feels like its in the air..


  1. The new album is out...Yay! Well, me wants one, for sure!
    That's one curious unicorn! haha!!

  2. Dare I say it.....those boots are simply divine! They look magical, as if you could perform some sort of supernatural, physics'-defying feat while wearing them; like you could levitate, fly, disappear or something! ...Come on, you can, can't you? No? Yes? KEEP it a secret, see if I care!

    Eden, I think if truth be told, most people like VD just a little, if not love it; it's the shame of it, mainly, I think. I mean, I, personally, prefer to use the term GONORRHEA (besides, I hate acronyms, hate 'em with a passion), but maybe that's just me; I can be rather pedantic, at times, I admit it... And, if in this fast-paced, crazy, mixed up world, someone wants to abbreviate language or use slang terminology for the purposes of either convenience, comfort or polite discreetness, then I say here,'s just that I guess I'm a bit more formal in my manner of speech is all I'm saying. Make no mistake about, though, I like inflammatory discharge from my urethra as much as the next guy...and, by the way, a proverbial tip-o-the-hat for you ladies' painful, discolored vaginal discharges, as well!

  3. Well, that was just lovely. Cheers for that Brett, I just spat beer through my nose. And on a Sunday evening! Ugh. Haha.

    Oh, and those boots are pretty damn cool.