Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tell Your Friends Concert Movie trailer..

Tell Your Friends is a comedy/music show that my friend Liam McEneaney does every tuesday night from 8-10pm in the basement of Lolita bar on Broome and Allen st. There are usually about 5 comedians, including Liam himself, who perform short sets and a musical guest..East River has played it a few times and it's always a fun night with a good crowd. I've seen some really great acts there including Kristen Schall(whom I love!), Reggie Watts, Christian Finnegan and more..Mike Doughty of Coughing Souls fame plays there frequently and various other local musicians.

Well, Liam and producer/director Victor Varnado have made the show into a concert film which should be coming out soon! I was at one of the tapings for it and it was hilarious..In fact I think I may be in it for 5 seconds making an ass of myself because that's what happens when I sit in the front row at comedy shows..I love going to smaller, intimate shows like this one rather than paying tons of money to see the same people at some 3-drink minimum fancy club..TYF's has a family vibe to it and that, along with the talented performers, makes you keep coming back to it week after week..It's been going strong for 5 years now.

Anyloops, Here is the link to the TYF FB PAGE and here is the trailer for the film which has already gotten almost 12,000 hits on youtube!


  1. I knew there would be a feast of a post here for me to ingest this morning! I've been working all night and am now ready for bed (or is that Bedlam? No, wait, I've been in Bedlam all night!), having had an after work cocktail of whiskey and coffee!! WOOHOO!!! I love the smell of bourbon in the morning! ....Great trailer, btw, with some of my favorite comedians!!! ...For some reason I can't fully explain, I was just now listening to one of those early morning NPR medical talk shows with a certain doctor, a Dr. Tittlebaum, to be precise, talking about the evils of sugar. He wasn't really a "marble mouth," per se, you know, such as Dr. Zieberg (sp?) on Futurama, but he was close. He was sort of a loose-toothed, saliva talker, of sorts, so words like "sugar" came out as "schugger;" "depression" was "deepreschenn;" "glucose intolerance" became "glookosche entolerensch." I mean, beside the fact that he had a hysterical name, his speech impediment was hilarious!!! I love speech impediments!!! ...Anyway, good night----er, good morning!!!

  2. Hi brett! You went to bed at 9am? Youre worse than me, I went to bed at 6! Yeah, the NY comedians I like do sets almost every day somewhere in the city..I'm on all the mailing lists so I go pretty often, esp since i'm taking classes at UCB in the spring..Liam's show is's cheap to get in and all the same big name comics that do these huge shows at Gotham and shit, i've already seen at Tell You Friends..I love Jim Gaffigan, and Watts is a friggin' genius..Liam is hilarious too-I hope this film gets a lot of press hen it comes out.

  3. You'll be taking classes at UCB! That's so cool! Many, many years ago I auditioned for an improv group in Richmond, Va. called Rude Mechanicals (not a very original name for a performance troupe!); I didn't get in but had fun.

    I'm so tired tongiht! I made some vegetable soup, and I just finished watching The Wizard of Oz. I'd only seen the movie twice before, once when I was little boy (we were poor and just had a black and white TV; it was powered by mice dressed in street-urchin rags while running on a treadmill---okay, okay, just kidding about the mice on the treadmill; they rode teeny little bicycles attached to a generator) and once at The Biograph Theatre, which was on Grace St. in Richmond, when I was 18 (I had done some acid about an hour before the movie). It was fun to watch tonight; the costuming was precious. One subtle thing I hadn't noticed before was Dorothy's curtsey when first meeting the good witch and the wizard; that was cute. I really think that's what's wrong with society these days: not enough curtseying!! Anyway, it's comfortable staying in tonight, because, well...there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like...there's no place...there's----damn it! Where are those ruby slippers?!?!?

  4. Well, I'l be paying for classes at UCB so they really can't say no to me! BG work really brings you nothing but a nice paycheck when you get all the meal penalties and such..I go on auditions but have had no luck yet except for something a friend got for me..So I figure some actual classes will do me good..
    I like to get the dirt on behind the scenes stuff..who is a dick, who is nice to their crew..who is a psycho etc which I get to hear a lot about since John works tech jobs..but I recall reading online somewhere about Judy Garland almost not being picked for the role due to her looks..she had bad teeth and they said she was not good-looking enough and other bad shit..Now when I watch that film and it looks so peachy keen an fun..I just picture Judy crying as they held meeting about he best ways to hide her teeth and ugliness..Like when John tells me about celebrity hissy fits about who had more lines than who in a tv show..Movie magic has been ruined for me! I really did think little people lived in that box..

  5. I know, Garland's worry and sadness are palpably real in the movie. She was always so insecure about her looks and abilities; I'd be willing to bet money she was treated insensitively on the set so many times. The studios also gave their contract child actors amphetamines during the day to keep up with the pace and barbiturates at night to sleep (hell, I cry after two cups of coffee any more!); this started her lifelong's just sad knowing these things when watching her movies. She seems to be in tears all through the Wizard of Oz