Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some video of our gig at SOI..

Here are a few videos from March 26th at Society of Illustrators..We taped the whole show and the audio came out good so I will have some up of Ari Eisenger and Dom Flemons solo stuff next week. What a fun night! Everyone had a good time and I actually may be working on a book deal soon..a mix of the writings on this blog and fashion tips for the weird! I can't sing for shit on Diamond Joe but Crumb, John, Pat, Craig Judelman, and Ernesto whom you cant see are great!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crumb Society of Illustrators Opening Reception.

Well, the opening on March 25th was a total and complete madhouse. I guess Robert is used to it, but i've never actually seen him mobbed by hundreds of fans and paparazzi and pushy, crazy people. There were a lot of cartoonists there that I like..Drew Friedman, Joe Coleman, Bill Griffith and more..I freaking love Joe Coleman's work-it's nuts!

Anyway, here are some pics from the opening..Crumb and a bunch of us hid upstairs to eat dinner while the SOI played bouncer and kept people from coming to the table we were at. I still want fame and the love of the world, but man..Robert could not even eat in peace for a minute! I don't think the SOI ever had a crowd like that especially for work that was not even for sale! The exhibition is up through April I think and is great. People who are fans should check it out. The SOI is a great place, with super nice people running it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pics and a video from our CD release show at jalopy!

Well, I hope to see more pics and videos from this night soon..Our video camera was in the back and picked up all the crowd noise..Our gig was a lot of fun and everyone sounded awesome. I think people sounded even better last night at our fancy Society of Illustrators show...Everyone was all warmed up and practiced from Jalopy I guess. I have all kinds of video from that one i'll be posting soon..Here's some stuff from Jalopy..Next few blogs will be of Crumb's opening reception Friday night and our gig Saturday..Hopefully we will get some good reviews from all this! These pics are from my pal Steve A.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

East River String Band mentioned on Page 6 of The Post today!

We got a brief mention in the Post today on Page 6-my favorite Faux news paper! Right above a pic of a fat Katherine Heigl! It's in the "We Hear.." section and mentions the gallery show at Society of Illustrators this Saturday..I'll put the link up..Did I mention how fat Katherine Heigl got! Oh. Em. GEE!!! Now I can afford to go to Michael Statsky's party in Miami!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Assorted Signage, NC17! Please read with your parents.

Here are some photos. You can see they are photos with your eyeballs. If you're blind, I can't help you but you ain't missing much. We have some graffiti in the basement of Csquat..And a damn ping pong table in Tompkins Square Park. When did this get brought in? It has taken the place of the piano that was chained up there over the summer. I love ping pong but there was only the one paddle there plus it was late at night when I saw it. I'm surprised the paddle was there at all..On the black market that would go for a ha'penny at LEAST.

Then a sneaker with a cup in it. People tend to think I set those shots up myself, but really, if I was going to do that i would make it far more weird and interesting. I'm sure someone on St Marks was trying to be funny..or just needed a cup holder badly. I would have made them a cup cozy out of cobwebs and discarded rigs, which are usually found at that spot..

Then that sexy sign that was found defaced like was brought into Csquat of course..and the deep messages that keep appearing at the site of the old Kurve spot, which is turning into fuck knows what now..I hope it's another ramen joint! 2nd Ave REALLY needs more sushi and cafe's! Well, as long as it's not the dreaded Wallmart™ that is rumored to be opening soon somewhere in manhattan. Soon we'll have Shoney's too!

Anyblab, This week should be interesting..yes I will be posting lots of band stuff so BE PREPARED! We have a fun gig at Jalopy thursday..then Crumb's gallery opening Friday, then another gig Saturday with some interviews and WFMU stuff in between. My UCB class was fun and I predict lots of going out drinking with the friends I made there pretty damn soon. I even got a ride home..IN A CAR!!!!!!! Yes, that is exciting to me. People that can drive are like wizards. I just laugh and crash into things.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Live on WFMU from last month and band stuff!

Here is a video from us playing live on WFMU last month or so..I forget they videotaped it too..Today we played at the Society Of Illustrators for 3 hours for their thursday sketch night. Nice people there..fancy place but they had a bar and a kind of freaky little vibe in there. Nice escape from the morons screaming on St Marks right now. It's like Mardi Gras out there..WTF?! Glad it's over!

All kinds of good news lately..We got distribution on Redeye out of NC..bigger and better than or last distributor! Barnes and Noble already put in a huge order, so our new stuff will be everywhere soon indie record stores too, of course. The Crumbs are coming next week and Robert will be talking about our gig with him and his gallery opening to Associated Press..that is kinda big to get a mention on..those gigs will be so nuts-I can't wait! Plus WFMU guy will be coming over soon to talk with Robert and John about 78's and have us play again..yay!

I always wanted to sing in a good rock/pop band too..If I can make money being in 2 bands, and write my book.and get some acting gigs I will be living the life I want to live. I start improv 101 this monday at UCB so i'll have plenty to blog about this week! Now I just need my neighbor to camp out in the hallway again so I can rest easy. I miss him and wonder if he's thinking about me..sniff..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

If the Japanese government is lying we will all be mutants soon.

Well, this week has been fucked up..between the earthquake, tsunami, and now possible radiation hazards we could all be doomed. Bad enough Japan is in shambles, now there is possible danger of radiation turning everyone into mutants..I have been in touch with people I know in Hawaii and Alaska and on the west coast. No one knows what's going on.Japanese officials say not to panic which make me want to panic. UGH.

But may as well live it up before I grow a tail..went to a show last night in bushwick-here's my friend Shayne being forced to dance by several gingers, my friend Vairame in her new hat..and these kinda annoying Dream Boyfriend flyers that have sprouted up everywhere. Of course, I called and left a drunken message on their machine.

I have some shows coming up soon-including one on St Patrick's Day where we play for 3 hours while people sketch nude models at the Society of Illustrators. Heh! Then the ones with Crumb after luck booking a tour or any festivals yet-or getting new distribution but we have some good leads. I hope!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cell Phone Pics, Plus, I'm almost normal!

I am FINALLY over being sick with that flu shit that's been going around. Ten days straight I literally felt like I was dying, though I rested every day and slept ten hours every night. I had one beer tonight and felt tipsy. Usually it takes two! Now I can be an even cheaper Jew!

All kinds of stuff happening and I'm glad i'm better in time for it all. Saw my friend Heather's play Night Moves tonight-well, she was in it anyway and very good! Went with The Mangina and had fun..Then tried to catch Aziz Ansari and maybe Zach Galifinakis whom I love at another show but got there too late. Bah..I get to work in the record store all weekend-whee! If that Cat Stevens Numerology album is still there I am going to freak out...No matter how enticing I try to make it look-No one will buy it! I'm putting it in the window I think..

Monday I have an audition for some comedy sketch pilot show..I wish I had enough stuff for a reel..All I have are a few scenes with no lines..Maybe I can make an old timey silent film reel. My new album is doing well on ebay and Amazon but we lost our distribution. Bad move for them I think. Robert Crumb plays on ten tracks on this..I don't think it will be hard to find someone to take it on..But for now, that means it's not in any stores or music shops. Kinda sucks considering its going to get reviewed in a bunch of magazines soon and no one can find the thing..

Anyway..Lots of gigs coming up and I hope we find someone else soon to get the new disc out there.These pics are of Gregory and I at Mars Bar which is still open for now..A GREAT book I found at a thrift store for only 50 cents! AND my crazy neighbor who is having a lot of "episodes" lately..this is the desk he set up in the hallway today. It was right in front of my apartment..He said he was waiting for the computer tech guy and had to be out there. No one could get to their apartments on the other side..Haw! Later on, when I went out for the night, the tech guy was sitting at the desk and my neighbor was LAYING UNDER IT. I want to start a whole blog about him. I am getting obsessed with how crazy he is becoming. I can't wait til a tent appears in front of my door!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting over the flu..and boring promo shit! YOU LOVE IT.

Been very lazy about blogging lately..Feeling very fatigued and I am always in denial about being sick..But I finally gave in and went to see the doctor. I go i'm always convinced that I somehow contracted AIDS or SARS or something-even when it's not at all possible..They always assure me I am the cleanest most healthy girl ever, except for the chronic insomnia!

So I have the flu apparently and got some anti-biotics and that's that. I can't afford to be sick all month. My Improv 101 class at UCB starts in two weeks, not to mention the two Crumb gigs and other various shows coming up. This damn Z-Pack thing better work or i'm suing my own immune system.

Anyway my band's new album Be Kind To A Man When He's Down is now out on vinyl! On yellow/greenish vinyl! It is awesome! And only available on Ebay directly from us! Here is the link to my EBAY account. See the pics above to get a look at it..AND that awful camo Snuggie™ they have at my local pharmacy. WTF?! Wah!

AnySheen, I'll be blogging a lot more as soon as I feel some exciting things in the works!