Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cell Phone Pics, Plus, I'm almost normal!

I am FINALLY over being sick with that flu shit that's been going around. Ten days straight I literally felt like I was dying, though I rested every day and slept ten hours every night. I had one beer tonight and felt tipsy. Usually it takes two! Now I can be an even cheaper Jew!

All kinds of stuff happening and I'm glad i'm better in time for it all. Saw my friend Heather's play Night Moves tonight-well, she was in it anyway and very good! Went with The Mangina and had fun..Then tried to catch Aziz Ansari and maybe Zach Galifinakis whom I love at another show but got there too late. Bah..I get to work in the record store all weekend-whee! If that Cat Stevens Numerology album is still there I am going to freak out...No matter how enticing I try to make it look-No one will buy it! I'm putting it in the window I think..

Monday I have an audition for some comedy sketch pilot show..I wish I had enough stuff for a reel..All I have are a few scenes with no lines..Maybe I can make an old timey silent film reel. My new album is doing well on ebay and Amazon but we lost our distribution. Bad move for them I think. Robert Crumb plays on ten tracks on this..I don't think it will be hard to find someone to take it on..But for now, that means it's not in any stores or music shops. Kinda sucks considering its going to get reviewed in a bunch of magazines soon and no one can find the thing..

Anyway..Lots of gigs coming up and I hope we find someone else soon to get the new disc out there.These pics are of Gregory and I at Mars Bar which is still open for now..A GREAT book I found at a thrift store for only 50 cents! AND my crazy neighbor who is having a lot of "episodes" lately..this is the desk he set up in the hallway today. It was right in front of my apartment..He said he was waiting for the computer tech guy and had to be out there. No one could get to their apartments on the other side..Haw! Later on, when I went out for the night, the tech guy was sitting at the desk and my neighbor was LAYING UNDER IT. I want to start a whole blog about him. I am getting obsessed with how crazy he is becoming. I can't wait til a tent appears in front of my door!


  1. i love hearing about your neighbor. can you give him a name?

  2. Eh, his name doesn't really matter. I'd feel kind of bad..but he encourages me to take his photo and stuff so I don't know..He likes the attention I guess! Did I mention he layed under the desk for three hours and the tech guy was kind of into it, just hanging out at the table in the hallway.

  3. I'm not sure, but I think the two triangles connected at their base with their apexes pointing in opposite directions (configured at the bottom of your neighbor's desk chair) are a sign, if not the antichrist then a buddy of the antichrist, or the antichrist's delivery boy, messenger, or's got something to do with the antichrist--no, wait, you know what? I think it's the anti-antichrist, so it may be a good thing...I can't remember...