Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting over the flu..and boring promo shit! YOU LOVE IT.

Been very lazy about blogging lately..Feeling very fatigued and I am always in denial about being sick..But I finally gave in and went to see the doctor. I go i'm always convinced that I somehow contracted AIDS or SARS or something-even when it's not at all possible..They always assure me I am the cleanest most healthy girl ever, except for the chronic insomnia!

So I have the flu apparently and got some anti-biotics and that's that. I can't afford to be sick all month. My Improv 101 class at UCB starts in two weeks, not to mention the two Crumb gigs and other various shows coming up. This damn Z-Pack thing better work or i'm suing my own immune system.

Anyway my band's new album Be Kind To A Man When He's Down is now out on vinyl! On yellow/greenish vinyl! It is awesome! And only available on Ebay directly from us! Here is the link to my EBAY account. See the pics above to get a look at it..AND that awful camo Snuggie™ they have at my local pharmacy. WTF?! Wah!

AnySheen, I'll be blogging a lot more as soon as I feel some exciting things in the works!


  1. My cousin sued his immune system; they settled out of court for some undisclosed amount...Very cool back cover to the album, or "LP," as you young folk like to say, with all your "daddio" and "way out, man" lingo...23 skidoo! Or, whatever

  2. I miss the mars! I haven't been there since..well RIGHT before I got sick..Hmmm..Anyway-i'm better now. I shall make a grand entrance there tomorrow!

  3. Send me an LP, and I'll send you a MORNE LP when they come out this summer.