Sunday, March 13, 2011

If the Japanese government is lying we will all be mutants soon.

Well, this week has been fucked up..between the earthquake, tsunami, and now possible radiation hazards we could all be doomed. Bad enough Japan is in shambles, now there is possible danger of radiation turning everyone into mutants..I have been in touch with people I know in Hawaii and Alaska and on the west coast. No one knows what's going on.Japanese officials say not to panic which make me want to panic. UGH.

But may as well live it up before I grow a tail..went to a show last night in bushwick-here's my friend Shayne being forced to dance by several gingers, my friend Vairame in her new hat..and these kinda annoying Dream Boyfriend flyers that have sprouted up everywhere. Of course, I called and left a drunken message on their machine.

I have some shows coming up soon-including one on St Patrick's Day where we play for 3 hours while people sketch nude models at the Society of Illustrators. Heh! Then the ones with Crumb after luck booking a tour or any festivals yet-or getting new distribution but we have some good leads. I hope!


  1. Your St. Paddy's Day gig tops mine by a longshot! Yours sounds more like an Erin Go Braless kind of thing! Har! ...My gig is about 300 miles away (UGH!)--that's cool, it's more of a St. Patrick's Week deal for me...I'll just be glad to be near a bunch of drunken Irishmen (I know, I'm redundant. Har!) Well, actually, I don't think they'll be Irish at all, but they'll be drunken, oh, believe you me! Har! I prefer my Guiness in a vaporizer, thank you. Har! Anyway, it'll be fun; I haven't done a series of road gigs in a long time...As far as the mutant thing...I just hope I don't mutate into a 'Dream Boyfriend'! Har!