Friday, March 18, 2011

Live on WFMU from last month and band stuff!

Here is a video from us playing live on WFMU last month or so..I forget they videotaped it too..Today we played at the Society Of Illustrators for 3 hours for their thursday sketch night. Nice people there..fancy place but they had a bar and a kind of freaky little vibe in there. Nice escape from the morons screaming on St Marks right now. It's like Mardi Gras out there..WTF?! Glad it's over!

All kinds of good news lately..We got distribution on Redeye out of NC..bigger and better than or last distributor! Barnes and Noble already put in a huge order, so our new stuff will be everywhere soon indie record stores too, of course. The Crumbs are coming next week and Robert will be talking about our gig with him and his gallery opening to Associated Press..that is kinda big to get a mention on..those gigs will be so nuts-I can't wait! Plus WFMU guy will be coming over soon to talk with Robert and John about 78's and have us play again..yay!

I always wanted to sing in a good rock/pop band too..If I can make money being in 2 bands, and write my book.and get some acting gigs I will be living the life I want to live. I start improv 101 this monday at UCB so i'll have plenty to blog about this week! Now I just need my neighbor to camp out in the hallway again so I can rest easy. I miss him and wonder if he's thinking about me..sniff..


  1. It is the only worthwhile goal, really--living the way you want to, that is!

    Congratulations on the new distributor!

    ...Three hours is a long gig, believe you me; it's amazing how much longer it feels than two, or even two and a half hours. Some nights, three doesn't seem long enough, though...I'm in a motel just getting up after a night of debauchery...I put a little sugar in my second Irish coffee after a gig last night, and no one wants to see me hopped up on sugar AND caffeine, let's put it that way! ...A pub last night, a country club in a gated community tonight (mucho tipperoonies, t'will be), and a coffee shop tomorrow night! And lotsa time spent with old friends, playing music, hangin'...I haven't done this in a while...road trip gigs are fun if I haven't done them in a while...

  2. I almost forgot! I like the video, right down to the lighted duck (or is that a goose?)! The video has a very warm sound and look; you and John are in great form! ...That out of tune A string even works for the song!

  3. What's that?'s kinda hazy.....oooohhh, clear-er's the not so future future.....SG!,....there are 1000's of you CLONED!!!'s, like, SlumGoddess ALL THE TIME......EVERYWHERE!!! SlumGoddess actresses in SlumGoddess films.....with SlumGoddess soundtracks.......with tickets being sold by......AAIIEEEEEEE!!! ......another SLUMGODDESS!?!?!

    Ms. SG, PLEASE don't overEXtend will get too busy/tired/fried that you will begin to ignore "The Blog".....and we will miss the sweetbitchyginchy (10 times fast.....dare 'ya!) that IS you.....and we will be sad.....

  4. If I ever got any real fame I would just blog 24/7 about how lame and crazy everyone is that's famous and then make a wacky sitcom starring my neighbor! Plus, my own perfume that smells like a slum and unicorn pee.

  5. Glory Be! You two look and sound great in this video. WFMU is the place, and Mac is the keeper of the flame. Will be going to The Society of Illustrators this coming Thursday to check out the R.Crumb art on display. Oh, Happy Day!