Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pics and a video from our CD release show at jalopy!

Well, I hope to see more pics and videos from this night soon..Our video camera was in the back and picked up all the crowd noise..Our gig was a lot of fun and everyone sounded awesome. I think people sounded even better last night at our fancy Society of Illustrators show...Everyone was all warmed up and practiced from Jalopy I guess. I have all kinds of video from that one i'll be posting soon..Here's some stuff from Jalopy..Next few blogs will be of Crumb's opening reception Friday night and our gig Saturday..Hopefully we will get some good reviews from all this! These pics are from my pal Steve A.

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  1. Man, there are some genuine jewels here! These really stand out to me: 1) The top one, of course; the lights, stage, you and John wailing, every position of the band members....this seems like a band in the '30's playing a county fair or country hoedown. 2) 5th from the top (of you, John and Robert). 3) 8th from the top (of John by himself). 4) 11th from the top (you, John, Robert, and Pat). 5) The one underneath that (of you)...

    P.S.-I've had unicorn meat! tastes like chicken! ...let's see, what other joke can I wring out of that photo...ugh...oh! I'll bet Flavor Flave's chicken...(something about Flavor Flave's chicken not tasting as good as your unicorn meat, blah, blah, woof, get the idea). Sorry, I'm feeling tired and lazy!