Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some video of our gig at SOI..

Here are a few videos from March 26th at Society of Illustrators..We taped the whole show and the audio came out good so I will have some up of Ari Eisenger and Dom Flemons solo stuff next week. What a fun night! Everyone had a good time and I actually may be working on a book deal soon..a mix of the writings on this blog and fashion tips for the weird! I can't sing for shit on Diamond Joe but Crumb, John, Pat, Craig Judelman, and Ernesto whom you cant see are great!


  1. recap the last few posts....singin' your heart out....groovin' on the vibes....partying with Mistah Crumb and his Cartune(sic) Gang....along with a PRIVATE meal with 'da man.....and lookin' WAAAAAAAYYYY too hawt in that little black outfit.....and (maybe) way too cute in the green dress....soooo, you seem to be happy, healthy, (not yet) wealthy and wise.....and summer is JUST around the corner.
    These just may be the good ole' days for you m' just wanted to say lap it ALL up (which I think you already know).....keep on keepin' on.....and thanks VERY much for sharing it all with us.....oh, and keep that smile......on the dial!

  2. Haha. Thanks! I always have fun and we hung out with Crumbsters about every day. They are good friends and nice people. But yeah, I am excited about the upcoming summer and all it may bring..