Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some funny as shit videos. And doody is REALLY funny!

I have many gross and weird pics on my camera to upload on to here..just been too busy/lazy to do it as of yet! Soon, my pretties..I am ecstatic that it FINALLY feels like spring..I sat in Tompkins for two hours the other day and actually have a tan on my face already. I'll be dark brown with insane freckles in about three beach trips I predict. I love the beach..I am an extra in Men In Black 3 next week so I need to catch up on my bloooogs before I have to stay up for a week shaking a tambourine or something..Then my birthday is May 14th and I will celebrate all week!

But right now I will post some videos that I love from Youtube..some are from The Onion..some weird stuff..some from my favorite comedy shows..I have the acting bug big time now and am determined to drop 10 lbs and get in shape and apply for every damn thing out there. Someone has to like me eventually..Or not!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lady Bella's Stuff.. Plus, I bought her stuff,

These amazing necklaces, headpieces, and what not are made by my friend Buttons(Lavender). I included her sign with her contact info because she makes custom necklaces, bracelets, and more if you tell her your price range and what you want on your fancy stuff!

I, of course, bought the cleopatra flapper looking headpiece which I will wear at shows and..well, probably just everyday once it gets too hot for a bowler. I have plenty of hats..I love ones with veils especially..but since it's taking so long for the weather to get nice..I will probably take a break from hats soon to enjoy the sunshine. If it ever comes. I look retarded in these pics..but just check out the greatness of the piece I bought and the other items she made.

Buttons can also be found and contacted if you are on Facebook..She is there under the name Sludge Maiden and has pics of her work up i think! Support your local artists!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Biker Bill at Ray's Candy Store, and... Deep Fried Cookies?

Okay, so I have not written anything for about a week now. Have had some family emergency issues..been busy with gigs..been kinda tired. Plus, lazy. Soon it will be Zombie Jesus Day and those disgusting Peeps® are everywhere. They are so gross. They are like something that sprung from Oprah Winfrey's vagina which she hasn't tended to in a decade. Okay, sorry about that. I am RIDING THE CRIMSON WAVE and if I have to suffer then you will all have to read about Oprah's vagina. This makes sense to me right now. I haven't slept much in the past few days. Thinking about the Peeps and all..

But now I am all backed up with blogs and photos and feces so....Here are a few videos of the infamous biker Billy at Ray's candy store discussing his new Viking name and talking about being a biker. Ray has a new dessert he is selling in his store as well..It scares me! What if I get drunk and eat it?

AnyFlow.Here ya go..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Party at Csquat, Plus Duck Fucking!

I really don't have any photos of duck fucking. I was just sitting here thinking about the phrase "Fuck a Duck!" Is it just fun to say because it rhymes or did someone actually witness this and yell that out? Or were they giving orders to some sicko to DO that to a duck? Yeah, that is what I am thinking about on a Sunday at 2am. Imagine if I smoked weed? I would never sleep again! Or even less than I already do! How much do ducks sleep anyway? God, just shut up already! You tend to go on and now i'm bored.

So I will post these pics from a dance party I went to at Csquat Saturday night. Everyone who comes into the record store I work at was EXTRA crazy last night so I really needed to relax and drink a beer and dance for about 3 hours. Dance to forget that guy who listened to 67 records, ended up buying 2, and wanted a discount on them. And yes, the Cat Stevens Numbers album is STILL there in case you were wondering. It's going in the window next time I work. I think it steals a little bit of my soul every time that i'm there.

AnySmut, here is..well, a lot of folks..Shayne and I, Emily and I, Tanya, Mimi, Hassan, Porno Dave, Matt..A Hooters Frisbee thrown into the mix..and a five dollar bill which I still have that we found on the floor with those enlightening words scrawled all over it. I don't really know where to spend it..Mars Bar I guess. Or a Church donation bucket!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chocolate Rigs and Assorted Assortments of Absurdity.

Vell, vell, vell..Here are some snazzy pics I found on my computer internet thingy that makes my eyes hurt. I see someone is bringing back Kilroy! I love that shit..I used to draw it everywhere. It really brings back my days in the war when I took a bullet one. Because I am a pacifist who only dreams of beating the crap out of everyone.

Then this chocolate rig from that bald man place. What. The. Fuck..fuck..fuck..It's like they want me to nod out on sugar in their bathroom! I hate that place. They have a midget working there I heard..They are turning it into a circus little by little and I would rather eat a candy bar or vegan brownies. Their crap is overpriced and annoying.

Then my friend Dave at Csquat wearing a shirt with his own photo on it as a kid for his birthday. Hee! And for the SUPERMOON..I looked for shirtless werewolves but found only James Blonde and some other guy drunk with their tops off.

It feels like spring out there and I can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!! Tomorrow I work all day at Gimme Gimme records..then the Waggytail benefit on the 14th which i will post about soon with tommy Ramone and others..and lots of chihuahua's!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep Deprivation makes for poor eating habits..

Ah, I've been doing so well at the gym..i am determined to lose the weight i gained over the winter..but I stayed up for about 36 hours straight right about now..and worked as an extra on the show Bored to Death today and ate sugar and junk food to stay awake....Stayed up all night rather then get the hour of sleep I would have gotten due to my insomnia..It was fun and went way into overtime which is good for me moneywise..I know Jonathan Ames through his good friend Mangina and being on the set of his show is really fun..You can just tell everyone likes him and is relaxed. Some sets are just bad vibes all around and everyone is freaking out trying hard not to kill each other. Plus, Zach Galifinakis and Ted Danson are just great. Zach said the same line 40 times and it still cracked everyone up. Crap movies lately or not, Zach is one of my favorite funny men out there now. Between Two Ferns almost rivals Jiminy Glick I think.

So, I need to sleep 20 years tonight and i'll be back to normal..Maybe. Extra work is fun and I can't expect to get lines with no experience..but the Improv at UCB, though not something I may want to keep pursuing, is helping me get over nerves and loosen up for auditions.

AnyLabia, THESE brilliant pics are from the holding for extras which was at a church in brooklyn. It was this great black pride church, with MLK stencils everywhere and almost anarchist slogans hung had these dioramas that portrayed the civil rights movement and a freaking SHRINE to 2Pac! What. The. FUCK!? I had to take some photos..

Monday, April 4, 2011

More videos from WFMU and Society of Illustrators.

Here are a crapload of videos from our gigs last week at SOI and also at home for WFMU. The two part interview with Robert about old music airs on WFMYU Antique Phonograph Show this tuesday at 8pm. The first part airs anyway..After all this band promo I will be getting back into taking weird pics and writing weird shit just the way you like it. I'm getting tired of ME promoting ME now! Though someone recognized John and I from the band on St Marks today and I felt famous. Then I ate a lot and just felt fat. I am losing 10 lbs this month if it kills me.