Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep Deprivation makes for poor eating habits..

Ah, I've been doing so well at the gym..i am determined to lose the weight i gained over the winter..but I stayed up for about 36 hours straight right about now..and worked as an extra on the show Bored to Death today and ate sugar and junk food to stay awake....Stayed up all night rather then get the hour of sleep I would have gotten due to my insomnia..It was fun and went way into overtime which is good for me moneywise..I know Jonathan Ames through his good friend Mangina and being on the set of his show is really fun..You can just tell everyone likes him and is relaxed. Some sets are just bad vibes all around and everyone is freaking out trying hard not to kill each other. Plus, Zach Galifinakis and Ted Danson are just great. Zach said the same line 40 times and it still cracked everyone up. Crap movies lately or not, Zach is one of my favorite funny men out there now. Between Two Ferns almost rivals Jiminy Glick I think.

So, I need to sleep 20 years tonight and i'll be back to normal..Maybe. Extra work is fun and I can't expect to get lines with no experience..but the Improv at UCB, though not something I may want to keep pursuing, is helping me get over nerves and loosen up for auditions.

AnyLabia, THESE brilliant pics are from the holding for extras which was at a church in brooklyn. It was this great black pride church, with MLK stencils everywhere and almost anarchist slogans hung had these dioramas that portrayed the civil rights movement and a freaking SHRINE to 2Pac! What. The. FUCK!? I had to take some photos..


  1. slumgoddess please know that if yr musical stylings ever reach middle America I can offer not much but a humble couch and floor to your East River String Band here in Minneapolis but the offer is extended with a warm heart!