Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some funny as shit videos. And doody is REALLY funny!

I have many gross and weird pics on my camera to upload on to here..just been too busy/lazy to do it as of yet! Soon, my pretties..I am ecstatic that it FINALLY feels like spring..I sat in Tompkins for two hours the other day and actually have a tan on my face already. I'll be dark brown with insane freckles in about three beach trips I predict. I love the beach..I am an extra in Men In Black 3 next week so I need to catch up on my bloooogs before I have to stay up for a week shaking a tambourine or something..Then my birthday is May 14th and I will celebrate all week!

But right now I will post some videos that I love from Youtube..some are from The Onion..some weird stuff..some from my favorite comedy shows..I have the acting bug big time now and am determined to drop 10 lbs and get in shape and apply for every damn thing out there. Someone has to like me eventually..Or not!

1 comment:

  1. 10 pounds! You don't need to lose no stinkin' teng pownz!!! Besides, the camera makes one look 10 pounds lighter! So, eat, drink milkshakes, and be merry!!! ...Wait, I think I've got that backwards; the camera ADDS ten pounds!!! SHIT!

    ...That Vodka Movie is hilarious! Zach Galifianakis has been great on the Tim and Eric Show. I think Tim and Eric are great too! I also like the John C. Reilly character, Dr. Steve Brule!