Wednesday, May 25, 2011

East River String Band covering Cee-Lo Green.

Yup. As purist as John can be when it comes to doing covers of the old stuff, I cajoled him into doing this..Please make it go VIRAL so I become as famous as Chocolate Rain guy or at least Cat playing Keyboard!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The world is still here, but so is Ray's!

Well, Harold WhatsHisFuckFace was incorrect and now I cannot go looting for a hot tub or a boat so I can ride a sperm whale or a whale shark. This rapture was so boring..Can't we even have a fun apocalypse anymore in the good old US of A? Stop outsourcing our Rapture's! I had dibs on the Grotto dammit! AnyBooze, Ray's is back open for business! He has major fines to pay, so if you love Ray, give him your cold hard cash!

However, Mars Bar seems to be on the verge of possible shutdown..Who knows when it will happen, but I will be going there as often as I can this month and next. That pic is of mars regular Joel holding up his sign..And there is me making sweet love to Lord Voldemort. If the end happens before I see the last Potter movie and the Planet of the Apes Prequel, I will kick satan in her vulva.

Then that monstrosity of a homage of Andy Warhol in Union Square..I'm not even a fan of Warhol but COME ON! He is holding a fucking Bloomingdale's shopping bag! FTW!!!

Then some art I liked at Mars..and a t-shirt I predict will be everywhere soon..What else what else..Hmm..i've been doing some extra work..trying to get better and get some lines just in skits and student films and such..Have a gig at Jalopy Theatre on Wednesday the 25th at Roots and Ruckus..things are crazy as usual which is good because that is normal!

Happy End is Nigh NEXT month folks!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Closing of Ray's Candy Store.

Okay, Ray is working very hard to get his store up and running again. And the DOH is giving him a VERY hard time. Bob Arihood has way more info and details than I could ever write or know about so please refer to his blog neithermorenorless for up to date details on this depressing news about the much loved Ray and his shop..

Monday, May 16, 2011

The acting bug and FUCK YOU, Aunt Flow!

Well, here are some perfectly delightful photos for you all! In honor of the upcoming End of the World on May 21st..I will check out Reverend Billy's show at theater 80 this week..It runs til June I believe..My friend is in it thus I shall get a free ticket! Anyone else going?

Then someone in the Mars Bar bathroom was REALLY playing the lottery a lot! Guess they lost judging by the amount of tickets that were in the garbage, angrily torn up. Sigh..I play too. I want to be rich even though I know I will just buy a unicorn and a hot tub and then will be a pauper again.

The photos of the amazing puke I saw the other night on the street reflect how I feel right now with Aunt Flow being in town. KILL KILL KILL KILL! I turned down some background work tomorrow, where I may have gotten a SAG waiver, due to awful cramps and a small gig at 11pm. I would have to be in brooklyn at 7am. Considering I go to bed at 6am lately, I'd be pulling another all nighter..I actually don't think my body could handle that right now. I'm doubled over in pain and on painkillers. It would be torture. I do want to join SAG, but one waiver won't do it for me. Plus, AFTRA and SAG are merging next year for sure now so i'm not sure if joining SAG for 2,500 would be the right thing to do. What if I get the three waivers, join, and then have to pay AGAIN when they merge? So confusing..Hopefully, How to Make it in America will need more tattooed hipsters and will call me again. I was nice when they texted me to work. Ah..I'm in pain. Womanly pain. Had a fun birthday, full of interesting stuff but am feeling not so good right now. Guess i'm old..

Friday, May 13, 2011

My huge hairdo and some other cell phone pics..

Here are some pics from my cell phone..My great beehive space age hair do when I worked as an extra for a day on Men in Black 3. It was set in 1969 at Warhol's factory. I have never seen such a huge production before and what a madhouse! They had a horse painted up like a Zebra..I was hoping for a unicorn dammit! And the paparazzi were all over. I enjoyed telling bystanders who were gawking that we were filming Sex and the City in Space in 3-D or The Hangover 3-where they actually get hung for being too hungover.

Anyway, they destroyed my poor, fried hair with all this and I took other extra work instead for the week..Then I think I found Ev Grieve's car! Or a big fan of his/hers at least. Heh. And a few funny signs..and what looks like Shepard Fairey stuff..Bah-I'll take Banksy over that guy any day of the week..except the day I made up for myself..EdensDay. Where I get gifts and stuff..Saturday is my damn birthday and I am old as dirt. Wah!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RIP Pee Phone..for now! Plus, crap.

Well, I guess this is a late Zombie Jesus Easter post with assorted other pics I have had on my desktop for weeks now..See how I used the word "desktop.?" Like a REAL person that knows computers! I have no idea what it means but it sounds very pro, no?

Soo..I have been fairly busy..still trying to book some kind of tour but I really have no idea how to do this except to send out cold call type promo stuff to various festivals and such. The "street date" for our new CD with Crumb playing on it is June 6th so we are in a kind of limbo waiting to see how much interest people have in it when Redeye's catalogue comes out. Maybe every store worldwide will order it, or maybe no on will. I have no clue. However, we are working on getting a publicist and some press for it. I hate bothering people for favors or asking for help but I have no idea how to act as a booking agent as this is my first band experience. A few folks have contacted us about playing shows just randomly on their own so maybe that's a good sign that there is a slight buzz surrounding this cd..mainly due to the fact that Robert rarely plays with anyone anymore.

AnyClap, I went by Ray's on Saturday after work and noticed the Pee Phone now is telling us it has no dial tone Nor Ton!! And it looked cleaner with only a HUGE cup of soda there(or maybe pee-i didn't investigate). Now, normal people won't be using it.though I still assume there will be sex, drugs and other forms of debauchery going on in that booth all spring and summer. I hope!

Then there is me kissing Voldemort..Yeah, I named him. The last Potter movie is out soon and I am sad about this. I love those damn books and films. Wonder if Rowling will continue on or start new characters up considering how the series ended..SPOILER ALERT-THEY ALL GO DOWN TO DAYTONA BEACH FOR SPRNG BREAK!

Then we have some Graffiti on the old Kurve placevery creative!..and Reverend Billy has a show running at Theater 80 til the first week of June which I will probably hit up..AND my personalized Church sign for Easter that I had up on facebook which I got hate mail about. Yay! Religious nuts are just SO forgiving..

I have some extra work on Men in Black 3 this Friday and next week..Gonna be tired but I will try to update here and take pics on set. I'm in a 1969 Warhol Factory scene thingy..They time travel in this one! I will step on every butterfly I see to ensure Glenn Beck and Phelps are not born!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wedding of Rev Jen Jr. and Taco at Lucky Dog!

Here are some fun pics of two chihuahua's getting hitched at Lucky Dog bar in brooklyn..Reverend Jen Jr and Taco, Holly Derito's dog..The wedding was amazing! The bride had a dress with a long train and they had Faceboy perform the vows..after the pups kissed and had a toast with water and ate doggie cupcakes. Everyone was dressed to the nines..AND best of all had a small dog tucked under their fancy arms! Many were rescues from Holly's small dog rescue WAGGYTAIL. No gifts were necessary, people just donated to help the group..two love songs were performed..and happily it was nice enough to sit outside and mingle with people and their pets..

A good time for a great cause! Please donate to waggytail if you have the money..they work so very hard to save these dogs that people abuse and abandon..Here is a rather dark video of the ceremony and some photos..Happy Spring Finger everyone!