Monday, May 16, 2011

The acting bug and FUCK YOU, Aunt Flow!

Well, here are some perfectly delightful photos for you all! In honor of the upcoming End of the World on May 21st..I will check out Reverend Billy's show at theater 80 this week..It runs til June I believe..My friend is in it thus I shall get a free ticket! Anyone else going?

Then someone in the Mars Bar bathroom was REALLY playing the lottery a lot! Guess they lost judging by the amount of tickets that were in the garbage, angrily torn up. Sigh..I play too. I want to be rich even though I know I will just buy a unicorn and a hot tub and then will be a pauper again.

The photos of the amazing puke I saw the other night on the street reflect how I feel right now with Aunt Flow being in town. KILL KILL KILL KILL! I turned down some background work tomorrow, where I may have gotten a SAG waiver, due to awful cramps and a small gig at 11pm. I would have to be in brooklyn at 7am. Considering I go to bed at 6am lately, I'd be pulling another all nighter..I actually don't think my body could handle that right now. I'm doubled over in pain and on painkillers. It would be torture. I do want to join SAG, but one waiver won't do it for me. Plus, AFTRA and SAG are merging next year for sure now so i'm not sure if joining SAG for 2,500 would be the right thing to do. What if I get the three waivers, join, and then have to pay AGAIN when they merge? So confusing..Hopefully, How to Make it in America will need more tattooed hipsters and will call me again. I was nice when they texted me to work. Ah..I'm in pain. Womanly pain. Had a fun birthday, full of interesting stuff but am feeling not so good right now. Guess i'm old..


  1. Those top photos are quite impressive.

  2. In the top photo, of the Mayan medallion (probably some sort of compass or something), clearly displayed is the puke of some great primitive emperor. In Mayan culture, this would have been seen as a sign that the Druids were talking trash about's just a good thing both cultures lived so far apart or there would have been one helluva gang fight, believe you me! In the whole "Batman vs. Superman" idea, here, I'd plunk down my money on the Mayan peoples! Those Druids were all a bunch of sissies, anyway! I'm not without my empathy, though; I feel for all of those Druid children who were taunted and teased at school...

  3. Yeah...I'm AFTRA and have my waivers..but i've already dropped 1600 on aftra. It's too much freakin money for SAG. Pisses me off. I have no idea whats going to happen if they merge and current members and what we'll have to pay. but I'll say this...being sag-eligible is a good thing. So get those waivers and just hold on to them. they don't go away. better to have than not? something..something..

    Anyway feel better and congrats on the work/waivers

  4. I can't afford SAG either..right now. And I lost this waiver so I still have none. But maybe they will call again. This show needs freaky looking people all the time. I just don't feel well enough to stay up all night then play a gig at midnight on no sleep slightly ill..So oh well..but yeah, i will try and get the three..and at least i've been ALMOST waivered twice. I'm in Aftra cause I kept getting waivered and pretty much had to I wanted to. Eventually I will be in i don't feel too bad about blowing the one of tomorrow. If it was featured I would do it..but it's just BG for a bit more money and one waiver. next time I hope!
    And yes, that puke is ancient..a sure sign that we are doomed this weekend. Who pukes like that except aliens?