Friday, May 20, 2011

The Closing of Ray's Candy Store.

Okay, Ray is working very hard to get his store up and running again. And the DOH is giving him a VERY hard time. Bob Arihood has way more info and details than I could ever write or know about so please refer to his blog neithermorenorless for up to date details on this depressing news about the much loved Ray and his shop..


  1. I don't get it. His store is cleaner that it ever has been. He got a B rating in November. What gives, inspectors?

  2. I'm not from NYC, spent a month in Hotel 17 by Gramercy Park, but have never felt as at home as while wandering the East Village streets and I've been following this whole thing and it's depressing. From a cultural aspect places like Rays and Mars Bar are what we visitors love and envy about Manhattan.

    I have life memories from Mars Bar and Stingy Lulus and Wonderbar and ABC No Rio and Drinkland and CBGBs and the old Hotel Chelsea (recorded demo tapes in a Hotel Chelsea bathroom), we starved and scrimped and suffered to be able to visit and experience these landmarks of East Village mythology and it is depressing to see them all vanishing.

    We drove across the country to be able to experience these places and we dreamed about the East Village, and it's all going away and it just sucks.

    I grew up fantasizing about these places and the history, and the decline and death of these old places even hurts us out here far away from NYC. Once they are gone they will never come back.

  3. Yeah, what our trinitone blast said! ...New Inspectors? Gloomberg types? The bastards!!!

  4. Well, Ray's is now open for business! He has a lot of fines to pay though..