Wednesday, May 25, 2011

East River String Band covering Cee-Lo Green.

Yup. As purist as John can be when it comes to doing covers of the old stuff, I cajoled him into doing this..Please make it go VIRAL so I become as famous as Chocolate Rain guy or at least Cat playing Keyboard!


  1. A falsetto! ...Nice young folks with your potty mouths...

    Delgado's cameo was absolutely brilliant!!!

  2. LOVE IT! I saw the kitty too! Nothing against the original but I like your version better, it's funnier coming from you two.

    If for some bizarre and godforsaken reason the East River String Band ever needs an incompetent but good-natured and adventurous slide/dobro player who can also fix bicycles and smuggle pot through airports up my butt please gimme a holler.

    I'm trying to make it go viral, but nobody really listens to me because I don't usually make much sense...