Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RIP Pee Phone..for now! Plus, crap.

Well, I guess this is a late Zombie Jesus Easter post with assorted other pics I have had on my desktop for weeks now..See how I used the word "desktop.?" Like a REAL person that knows computers! I have no idea what it means but it sounds very pro, no?

Soo..I have been fairly busy..still trying to book some kind of tour but I really have no idea how to do this except to send out cold call type promo stuff to various festivals and such. The "street date" for our new CD with Crumb playing on it is June 6th so we are in a kind of limbo waiting to see how much interest people have in it when Redeye's catalogue comes out. Maybe every store worldwide will order it, or maybe no on will. I have no clue. However, we are working on getting a publicist and some press for it. I hate bothering people for favors or asking for help but I have no idea how to act as a booking agent as this is my first band experience. A few folks have contacted us about playing shows just randomly on their own so maybe that's a good sign that there is a slight buzz surrounding this cd..mainly due to the fact that Robert rarely plays with anyone anymore.

AnyClap, I went by Ray's on Saturday after work and noticed the Pee Phone now is telling us it has no dial tone Nor Ton!! And it looked cleaner with only a HUGE cup of soda there(or maybe pee-i didn't investigate). Now, normal people won't be using it.though I still assume there will be sex, drugs and other forms of debauchery going on in that booth all spring and summer. I hope!

Then there is me kissing Voldemort..Yeah, I named him. The last Potter movie is out soon and I am sad about this. I love those damn books and films. Wonder if Rowling will continue on or start new characters up considering how the series ended..SPOILER ALERT-THEY ALL GO DOWN TO DAYTONA BEACH FOR SPRNG BREAK!

Then we have some Graffiti on the old Kurve placevery creative!..and Reverend Billy has a show running at Theater 80 til the first week of June which I will probably hit up..AND my personalized Church sign for Easter that I had up on facebook which I got hate mail about. Yay! Religious nuts are just SO forgiving..

I have some extra work on Men in Black 3 this Friday and next week..Gonna be tired but I will try to update here and take pics on set. I'm in a 1969 Warhol Factory scene thingy..They time travel in this one! I will step on every butterfly I see to ensure Glenn Beck and Phelps are not born!


  1. Fred Phelps' brood orchestrated a protest at the local university a few years back (the university was running a production of a play about Matthew Shepherd). During his protest, a group of counter protesters (or, as the Brits say, "pro-TEST-ers") dressed as angels with really huge wings and surrounded Phelps' group singing You Can't Always Get What You Want really loudly into bullhorns. Between the singing blocking out his vile spew and the wings covering up his vile signage, his protest was rendered null and void! ...It was a thing of beauty!!! Truly sublime! I have never seen a more creative and effective counter protest ever!

  2. This development at the Pee Phone is most unfortunate.

  3. If you want to play in Lynchburg you should get in touch with these places:


  4. Thanks for the tips! Maybe if we just play in the Pee Phone someone will take pity on us and we will get signed up as gospel singers for Phelps and his cronies..