Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wedding of Rev Jen Jr. and Taco at Lucky Dog!

Here are some fun pics of two chihuahua's getting hitched at Lucky Dog bar in brooklyn..Reverend Jen Jr and Taco, Holly Derito's dog..The wedding was amazing! The bride had a dress with a long train and they had Faceboy perform the vows..after the pups kissed and had a toast with water and ate doggie cupcakes. Everyone was dressed to the nines..AND best of all had a small dog tucked under their fancy arms! Many were rescues from Holly's small dog rescue WAGGYTAIL. No gifts were necessary, people just donated to help the group..two love songs were performed..and happily it was nice enough to sit outside and mingle with people and their pets..

A good time for a great cause! Please donate to waggytail if you have the money..they work so very hard to save these dogs that people abuse and abandon..Here is a rather dark video of the ceremony and some photos..Happy Spring Finger everyone!


  1. This is priceless. Like a diamond in the rough.

  2. YES!!! Hope the doggies have a long and fun marriage full of adventure and lots of buttsniffing and chasing each other around in circles!