Sunday, May 22, 2011

The world is still here, but so is Ray's!

Well, Harold WhatsHisFuckFace was incorrect and now I cannot go looting for a hot tub or a boat so I can ride a sperm whale or a whale shark. This rapture was so boring..Can't we even have a fun apocalypse anymore in the good old US of A? Stop outsourcing our Rapture's! I had dibs on the Grotto dammit! AnyBooze, Ray's is back open for business! He has major fines to pay, so if you love Ray, give him your cold hard cash!

However, Mars Bar seems to be on the verge of possible shutdown..Who knows when it will happen, but I will be going there as often as I can this month and next. That pic is of mars regular Joel holding up his sign..And there is me making sweet love to Lord Voldemort. If the end happens before I see the last Potter movie and the Planet of the Apes Prequel, I will kick satan in her vulva.

Then that monstrosity of a homage of Andy Warhol in Union Square..I'm not even a fan of Warhol but COME ON! He is holding a fucking Bloomingdale's shopping bag! FTW!!!

Then some art I liked at Mars..and a t-shirt I predict will be everywhere soon..What else what else..Hmm..i've been doing some extra work..trying to get better and get some lines just in skits and student films and such..Have a gig at Jalopy Theatre on Wednesday the 25th at Roots and Ruckus..things are crazy as usual which is good because that is normal!

Happy End is Nigh NEXT month folks!

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  1. Now their saying that yesterday was merely the beginning of the end, that the true and complete end will be on Oct. 21st, which is good, because my friend's birthday is on the 24th of October, and I'm just at a complete loss as to what to get her. In any case, I plan to spend a lot of money between now and then on weed and 50 dollar crack hoes! ...Just kidding; those crack hoes aren't gonna cost any more than about 25 dollars...That Andy Warhol thing IS a monstrosity!