Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party at The Chillmaster's Place! Fuck yeah!

Okay..if you don't know who The Chillmaster is you never walk down east 3rd st between 1st and Avenue A. He plays great music. VERY LOUDLY! Please refer to evgrieve.com and martyafterdark.com and type his name in the searchbox. Anyhoot, went to the second party at his place Sunday night..drank wine way before the sun went down which is weird for me..Feels odd to be buzzed during the day..Take careful note of the drunk dancing, the disco cup, and the lighter as big as my head!

So here are some pics of the crazy! Enjoy! My next and last posts for a few weeks will probably be all Mars Bar stuff since for all I know they will be closed when I get back from the Italy gigs..Well, hopefully not. I leave in a week and I will try to make it there a bunch..What a fun weekend..lostsa fun parties and shows and gay marriage had everyone running around the streets all night yelling at the top of their lungs. Fun to see history being made..And watch it get overturned in two years! Har!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nellie Olsen was a cunt! I met my hero..

So, last week or so my two sisters and my friend Sean and I went to see Alison Arngrim perform her one woman show, "Confessions os a Prairie Bitch." She played my idol, Nellie on the show Little House on the Prairie which my sisters and I were obsessed with. She was pretty funny..We wrote out questions which she read on stage and answered..Mine is here but she didn't get to it. It's funnier if you know the infamous Apples episode..

So here are some pics of my older and younger sisters and I..and Sean..Gena got tipsy and broke a glass and we all got our pics with Nellie who seemed slightly frightened by the Brower sisters..Apparently rabid fans of the show are called "Bonnetheads." And she said Nellie would now be referred to as a cunt, not a bitch. I learned a lot at the show..yes I did!

Today is the party at the Chillmaster's house..go to evgrieve.com and put in Chillmaster in the search box to read about this guy. I'm going to start drinking wine at his place at 5. Can't wait!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Men freaking ruled. And I love Harry Potter.

Well I took a video from my cell phone and uploaded it here for the first time. Don't know how it came out..The purse I was carrying was too dainty to hold my usual camera..but some opera group took over the piano and did some Mozart for everyone..Then some live band started playing Beatles tunes by the benches..all this culture while cops are in the park all day harassing people for nothing.

From the no smoking in public places rule..to now your DOG can't sit on a bench with you as those benches are for people to sit on..I mean WTF?! I know they are following orders but even the cops look embarrassed by the inane and kinda scary 1984 type tickets they are handing out..If you are standing, you are loitering. You have to sit a certain way. Without a dog. Or a cigarette. I want my dog to be be smoking a damn cigarette AND crack too while it sleeps on the damn bench! The summer crusties aren't leaving town because of all this..they are all over the city now just wandering.

AnyCops, I am excited to be going to Europe soon where you can ride a unicorn to the moon if you want! I saw the new X-Men movie and it was GREAT! I'm a dork and i'm sad Game of Thrones has ended for now..BUT the final Potter movie is out soon and as you can see I had a starring role in it! All that background extra crap work payed off! I am Snape's love slave and I gently hold his dark locks back as he pukes on Harry during a rainbowing scene in a gay wizard bar.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Toilet Paper. Shoes. Hilarity. Ensues.

Oh SNAP! So many pictures! Can you take all this excitement? Well? CAN YOU? Are you even still awake? I have been busy adventuring and somewhat working and did this fun promo video for Crumb's book coming out in October for Norton publishers..Getting excited about leaving town..it's been WAY too long! I gotta get outta this place..

So, yes. You CAN believe your eyes! This woman at Moonstruck diner had toilet paper on both her her shoes! I can't tell you how long I giggled at this. I really can't. You all think i'm dumb enough already..Then some pics from a Csquat show..Jewels and Hassan..oh yeah! Shayne and Jewels..Crazy Dave being..crazy..some REALLY drunk kid that kept yelling, "I have work in the morning! Im fucked!" over and over..Haw!

Then my love and I..Delfado cat. Yes, he sleeps with his paw on my face. Then a nice pic of Gotham taken from high up at a fancy hotel..and someone is REALLY mad at someone and their car.

Went to see Confessions of a Prairie Bitch with Alison Angrim who played Nellie Olsen on the BEST show in the world with my sisters and friend Sean last night..I'll post pics of us harassing her next..I have to get more crazy in before I leave for the peacefulness of italy..Bring. It. On! And Mars really may be gone very soon I hear..so I am there from now on pretty much..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Article about East River in the Villager paper..

Been busy busy busy lately..Playing a bit and trying to practice for gigs in Italy and trying to promote our new CD and LP..and get shows..yadda yadda..I leave in about two weeks..cant wait!
I don't have time to upload the fun pics I have on my desktop right now..about to give in and go see Super 8..Saw X-Men film and it was AWESOME!!! The nerd in me rejoiced!!!
So here is a link to a nice article the paper The East Villager has about my band this week..and i'll be logging more soon!

Love you all! Except for the ones I hate! Just..kidding?


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Circular Thinking at Flat Earth Society Meeting.

Christ on a bike, am I PMSing the past few days! Even painkillers are not killing the pain. Let it Bleed already, for fuck's sake..That's what The Stones wrote that song about right? Plus, SATAN.
AnyGore, even on not much sleep and in cramp/bitch mode I tried to be productive today. Mailed off a lot of band promo stuff..hung up posters and stickers around town..bothered a film crew and took pics in Tompkins before stooping it for hours at Csquat. Then I wached The Wave. That was my favorite book when I was a kid. They set the movie in Germany, which kinda ruined it for me. They are already smacking us over the head with the theme enough..high school kinds turn into power happy fascists. They didn't need to move it to Germany..We get it. Yeesh.

Soooo...First we have two flyers for the same show..if it's a private event I will crash it. Another lousy punk show I can do without..Then a corn cob pipe that is lying by Gimme Gimme records for days now..WTF!? Won't someone's gramps come by and get it?

Then Howie, my crazy neighbor was throwing all his shit into the hallway today as he cursed and built a new bed frame. IN HIS DAMN UNDERWEAR! AHHH! He had on tidy whitey's and I SAW them and now i'm all fucked up in the head. It's my worst fear come to life. He did leave these two books by my door though. GREAT.

Then we have Gravity and Johnny Bizarro posing for me with their trophies. And me with Gravity's glasses on. They insisted I put these pics on here so there ya go..

Tomorrow I work on getting rid of the Cat Stevens album all day. When people call the store i'm answering the phone, "Cat Stevens!" When people ask me questions I will only answer them with "Cat Stevens." So, yeah. Cat Stevens.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, just some blather.

Oh I just feel like babbling on..It's like a million degrees out and I love it! I'm indoors due to a hangover from way too much white wine last night..I went to a comedy show which was fun..Kristen Schaal was there whom I love love love! Then some big shot Lalawood person was having a party there at the bar and I think I made an ass out of myself in front of Paul Rudd, Peter Dinklage, whom I also love love love! And others..I think I am sabotaging my non-career already by being known as "that crazy drunk blonde girl who kept falling down." More power to me!

And speaking of the fame game, my new CD is now out on Redeye and is available on Amazon and all kinds of stores everywhere..they already ordered more CD's and LP's..I think no one dealing with us understands that R. Crumb is really famous and people will buy it just because he plays on it and for the artwork too..I hope it does well! We play in Italy in July with Robert..

So here we have a birthday cone Ray gave me..me having FUN! And Amy with a fry. Then my friend Horse in the park with that guy..or girl who is always there stretching and has a tye-dyed ferret. And Crazy Dave at Mars Bar which, happily, is still open!

Anyhole, acting work is slow but I may be in a student horror film. I need some roles to get a reel together bad..How else am I going to go to these celeb parties and offend everyone there and tell them over and over that the IRS is on my ass? C'mon people! Don't you realize how much fun Perez Hilton would have making fun of me and drawing dicks all over my face?!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back with a Bang.

Hello hello and zippity do da! I feel a little under the weather so I am blogging on a Friday night..However, I am in a good mood lately with lotsa neat stuff going on..Cd is selling like mad on ebay right now.don't know why..maybe we got a review somewhere we don't know about. Been enjoying Mars Bar still being open and trying to take pics there when I go..met someone I am having a grand time hanging out with..going to Italy soon..all kinds of grooviness so far this spring. I like the hot weather too. Beach!

So here are some photographic masterpieces I took..They will definitely end up hanging up in a museum of fine art so enjoy them while you can! We got Johnny Bizarro at Mars..He let me snap five mousetraps on his hand! Whee! And then..well, he kind of hammered a nail into he penis while people watched in horror. Whee!

Then a pic of Diva Queen Kathleen and I on my birthday..I just met her that night. And a fancy bra that just got discarded in the trash..I always wonder about those things..how did that come to pass? Why was it taken off? WHAT HAPPENED??! Ah, mystery!

Then a Juggernut maxipad..and someone ordered a shitload of junk food. That was going to someone's apartment, not a store! DANG! And a neat pic my pal Toby took of us...or someone did at Csquat.

Tomorrow I work at the record shop..CAT STEVENS!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have not forsaken you..

Been kinda busy with stuff, plus lazy, plus drinking so I have not blogged for a bit..I will catch up this week though..Mars is still alive and kickin'..saw some friends from out of town..worked some..our new CD is coming out on the 7th in Redeye and Barnes and Nobel ordered just under a thousand of them..hot damn! I hope someone buys two at least!
Here is a pop/rock song John and i did about ten years ago at my attempt to form a pop band called Puddingwife..It's so bad that is is elevated to greatness! I wrote the lyrics and sing and John played all instruments..