Saturday, June 11, 2011

Circular Thinking at Flat Earth Society Meeting.

Christ on a bike, am I PMSing the past few days! Even painkillers are not killing the pain. Let it Bleed already, for fuck's sake..That's what The Stones wrote that song about right? Plus, SATAN.
AnyGore, even on not much sleep and in cramp/bitch mode I tried to be productive today. Mailed off a lot of band promo stuff..hung up posters and stickers around town..bothered a film crew and took pics in Tompkins before stooping it for hours at Csquat. Then I wached The Wave. That was my favorite book when I was a kid. They set the movie in Germany, which kinda ruined it for me. They are already smacking us over the head with the theme enough..high school kinds turn into power happy fascists. They didn't need to move it to Germany..We get it. Yeesh.

Soooo...First we have two flyers for the same show..if it's a private event I will crash it. Another lousy punk show I can do without..Then a corn cob pipe that is lying by Gimme Gimme records for days now..WTF!? Won't someone's gramps come by and get it?

Then Howie, my crazy neighbor was throwing all his shit into the hallway today as he cursed and built a new bed frame. IN HIS DAMN UNDERWEAR! AHHH! He had on tidy whitey's and I SAW them and now i'm all fucked up in the head. It's my worst fear come to life. He did leave these two books by my door though. GREAT.

Then we have Gravity and Johnny Bizarro posing for me with their trophies. And me with Gravity's glasses on. They insisted I put these pics on here so there ya go..

Tomorrow I work on getting rid of the Cat Stevens album all day. When people call the store i'm answering the phone, "Cat Stevens!" When people ask me questions I will only answer them with "Cat Stevens." So, yeah. Cat Stevens.


  1. Wouldn't a Cat Stevens LP sell better signed by Salman Rushdie? ...Just wondering...Rushdie has been known to frequent used record stores in London...sometimes people just like a good story irrespective of its apocryphal nature...And, if determined a fake, you can't be responsible for every prankster with a felt-tip pen, right? How can a conversation starter be considered fraudulent? I don't know...just thinking out loud, wondering, musing, whatnot...

  2. Answer the phone "Pussy Stevens" that will get their attention!