Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have not forsaken you..

Been kinda busy with stuff, plus lazy, plus drinking so I have not blogged for a bit..I will catch up this week though..Mars is still alive and kickin'..saw some friends from out of town..worked some..our new CD is coming out on the 7th in Redeye and Barnes and Nobel ordered just under a thousand of damn! I hope someone buys two at least!
Here is a pop/rock song John and i did about ten years ago at my attempt to form a pop band called Puddingwife..It's so bad that is is elevated to greatness! I wrote the lyrics and sing and John played all instruments..


  1. When did you and John do this? Was it long ago? Before the war? ...Then I remembered you had said, a few weeks ago, that you were "old as dirt," and I remember thinking, "shit, I'm a lot older than dirt!" Of course, when I was a teenager, we were too poor to have dirt; in fact, we were a dirtless family! (Imagine my chagrin at the prom!)

  2. Groovy! Wish you folks had continued playing Rock, I think you really had something there!