Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, just some blather.

Oh I just feel like babbling on..It's like a million degrees out and I love it! I'm indoors due to a hangover from way too much white wine last night..I went to a comedy show which was fun..Kristen Schaal was there whom I love love love! Then some big shot Lalawood person was having a party there at the bar and I think I made an ass out of myself in front of Paul Rudd, Peter Dinklage, whom I also love love love! And others..I think I am sabotaging my non-career already by being known as "that crazy drunk blonde girl who kept falling down." More power to me!

And speaking of the fame game, my new CD is now out on Redeye and is available on Amazon and all kinds of stores everywhere..they already ordered more CD's and LP's..I think no one dealing with us understands that R. Crumb is really famous and people will buy it just because he plays on it and for the artwork too..I hope it does well! We play in Italy in July with Robert..

So here we have a birthday cone Ray gave having FUN! And Amy with a fry. Then my friend Horse in the park with that guy..or girl who is always there stretching and has a tye-dyed ferret. And Crazy Dave at Mars Bar which, happily, is still open!

Anyhole, acting work is slow but I may be in a student horror film. I need some roles to get a reel together bad..How else am I going to go to these celeb parties and offend everyone there and tell them over and over that the IRS is on my ass? C'mon people! Don't you realize how much fun Perez Hilton would have making fun of me and drawing dicks all over my face?!


  1. Why don't you get some friends together and make a low-budget documentary about Mars Bar and Ray's while they both are still around? Everybody and their brother has some sort of camera that shoots pretty good movies and you must know people who can edit and do the tech work. Just shoot the crazies and characters and the chaotic goings-on and make yourself the narrator/star and use your band music, TONS of peeps would be into that. When those places are gone it will be too late...

  2. Then you'll just get uppity when you're famous and get all pretentious and whatnot; I've seen it happen many times'll go by the sobriquet "the artist formerly known as that crazy drunk blonde girl who kept falling down." --And, make no mistake, fame can leave a girl's spirit torn asunder, believe you me! Don't ever let them change you, Eden...don't ever let them change you...just remember there are those of us, nay the little people, who recognize your thespianistic brilliance in its natural form. Take that Hollywood, with your E-Channel and your bottled water!

    P.S.-I'm confused...the sign says "fun" with an arrow pointing, I presume, toward the inside of that building. Okay, but you're having fun, too, right there!?!?! Don't tell me you're having fun AND there's MORE fun inside the building?!?!?!...I'm not used to it!!!