Thursday, June 23, 2011

X-Men freaking ruled. And I love Harry Potter.

Well I took a video from my cell phone and uploaded it here for the first time. Don't know how it came out..The purse I was carrying was too dainty to hold my usual camera..but some opera group took over the piano and did some Mozart for everyone..Then some live band started playing Beatles tunes by the benches..all this culture while cops are in the park all day harassing people for nothing.

From the no smoking in public places now your DOG can't sit on a bench with you as those benches are for people to sit on..I mean WTF?! I know they are following orders but even the cops look embarrassed by the inane and kinda scary 1984 type tickets they are handing out..If you are standing, you are loitering. You have to sit a certain way. Without a dog. Or a cigarette. I want my dog to be be smoking a damn cigarette AND crack too while it sleeps on the damn bench! The summer crusties aren't leaving town because of all this..they are all over the city now just wandering.

AnyCops, I am excited to be going to Europe soon where you can ride a unicorn to the moon if you want! I saw the new X-Men movie and it was GREAT! I'm a dork and i'm sad Game of Thrones has ended for now..BUT the final Potter movie is out soon and as you can see I had a starring role in it! All that background extra crap work payed off! I am Snape's love slave and I gently hold his dark locks back as he pukes on Harry during a rainbowing scene in a gay wizard bar.


  1. Now that your a big(ger) star, I can say that a dear old chum of mine is starring in the final Harry Potter movie..I can present pictures in addition to dropping names! It will be a kind of two-pronged approach, a kind of audio-visual braggadocio, if you will...all of my efforts to ingratiate myself with people will become a veritable cakewalk! A stroll down easy street! The world will be my oyster!!!!! I no longer will have to rely simply upon charm, wit and striking good looks to get by!!!!

  2. P.S. I thought the the video was good

  3. When you show people that pic they will bow down to you and the red carpet will roll out..and the freemason's will come calling..and you will be disappeared!